Batman's Reboot Movie Loses SnyderVerse Writer (Report)

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One SnyderVerse writer exited the race to write Batman reboot The Brave and the Bold in James Gunn's new DCU.

Included in the first ten projects of James Gunn's brand-new DCU slate was The Brave and the Bold - a Batman reboot featuring Bruce Wayne's Dark Knight and Damian Wayne's Robin in a father-and-son superhero tale.

Gunn already confirmed the new Batman will not be played by The Batman's Robert Pattinson and even debunked talk of George Clooney taking the role, confirming the part will be played by a "new actor."

There were previously rumors of one SnyderVerse icon joining the movie through Ben Affleck taking on directing duties, although those have been debunked.

The Flash Writer Ruled Out for Batman Reboot

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The Flash director Andy Muschietti was officially announced as the director of the DCU's new Batman reboot, The Brave and the Bold, with his sister and filmmaking partner Barbara Muschietti signed on to produce.

However, the question of the movie's writer remains a popular one, with many speculating that the duties may fall upon Christina Hodson - who wrote two movies for the SnyderVerse/DCEU in the form of Birds of Prey and The Flash.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's currently unknown whether The Brave and the Bold has found a writer, although Hodson appears to be out of the picture.

The SnyderVerse scribe was reportedly "circling" the Batman reboot but instead took up an offer to work on the next Fast and Furious movie, seemingly Fast X: Part II, alongside Cloverfield screenwriter Oren Uziel.

Hodson does still have a major part to play in building Gunn's DCU, as she was named by Variety as being among the larger DC Studios writers' room that also includes Drew Goddard, Jeremy Slater, Christal Henry, and Tom King.

What's Going On With DC's Batman Reboot?

With Andy Muschietti having been hired as director of The Brave and the Bold, the wheels already to be moving on the reboot project. Unfortunately, the ongoing writer's strike will likely put a hold on things for some time as there is currently no script or writer, which won't be changing until the strike eventually ends.

DCU boss James Gunn previously shared how, "as is almost always the case with [him]," casting will not happen until "the script is finished or close to finished." So The Brave and the Bold probably won't make much progress for several months at least until writers resume work, one is hired, and a script is complete.

Granted, this won't be a massive problem for DC as The Batman 2 is set to debut first in October 2025. As it's unlikely two separate Dark Knight-centric movies will release awfully close together, The Brave and the Bold probably isn't planned to hit theaters until late 2026 at the earliest.

The Brave and the Bold is yet to set an official release date.

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