New Rumor Reveals Ben Affleck's Batman Involvement In James Gunn's DCU

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Ben Affleck Batman

DCEU Batman actor Ben Affleck is rumored to be returning to the franchise as part of James Gunn's new DCU.

Ben Affleck was introduced as Bruce Wayne in the DCEU’s 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The actor then continued to serve as the franchise’s Batman all the way through Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

After James Gunn was officially named co-CEO of DC Studios and unveiled his and Peter Safran’s plans for the new DCU, it was confirmed that Affleck would not be returning to play Batman after The Flash raced into theaters.

However, the actor’s overall involvement in the franchise wasn’t out of the question when Gunn recently stated that he, Safran, and Affleck all "want(ed) him to direct" an upcoming DCU project.

Is Ben Affleck Directing DC Studios' Batman?

Ben Affleck, DC Justice League

A recent rumor from Above the Line suggested that Ben Affleck, who played Batman in the DCEU, could be directing the upcoming DC Studios film The Brave and the Bold.

This movie will serve as the main story for the DCU's version of Batman, a character that Affleck is more than familiar with.

Affleck's potential involvement with the rebooted DCU was actually confirmed by Gunn himself, but the award-winning actor/director wasn't tied to any specific project.

This information has not been confirmed by DC Studios.

What Does Ben Affleck Bring to Batman?

Affleck obviously has a lot of experience when it comes to the Caped Crusader. He played the character for multiple years, where he got to know the ins and outs of everything related to Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego.

While he may be regarded as one of the biggest actors in the business, Affleck arguably brings more to the table as a director than as an actor.

Argo, which was directed by Affleck, won the prestigious Best Picture Oscar award, and some of his other films such as The Town are generally held in high regard.

With Affleck and Gunn working together on the DCU’s The Brave and the Bold, it seems as though it is in more than capable hands. The film doesn't have a definite release date at this time, but fans can expect to learn more in the near future.

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