James Gunn Confirms the Only 2 DC Reboot Projects That Are Fully Written

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Co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn recently revealed which two upcoming DCU projects have their scripts completed.

Gunn already laid out his and Peter Safran's plan for Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters of their new DC universe when a slate of 10 projects was revealed in January.

However, fans still don't know much about how far along each project is in their creative processes, except that Gunn already turned in the first draft of the Superman: Legacy script in May before the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike began. 

Legacy will be the first movie in the rebooted franchise when it comes out on July 11, 2025.

James Gunn Reveals Which DCU Titles Are Completely Written

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In a comment on a recent Instagram post from James Gunn, a fan asked if there would be a chronological timeline for fans to follow.

Responding with his own comment, Gunn confirmed that the animated series, Creature Commandos will come first and will then be followed up by Superman: Legacy.

However, Gunn also confirmed in his comment that both of those projects have already been completely written but that the rest of the DCU titles' scripts will have to be completed "after the (WGA) strike:"

"Yes, here: 1. Creature Commandos 2. Superman: Legacy. Nothing else is finished being written yet (and won’t be until after the strike!)"

This means that Creature Commandos and Superman: Legacy will likely start getting ready to go into production as soon as the strikes are over, and that they may not even have to be delayed if the strikes end sooner rather than later.

Will the Rest of the DCU Suffer From Delays?

If the WGA strike had never happened, it is likely that some of the other upcoming DCU projects would already be in the process of being written.

Gunn was able to finish Creature Commandos and Superman: Legacy because he is the credited writer for both projects, but others will be penned by different people.

Both Waller and Peacemaker Season 2 are currently set to be released directly after Superman sometime in 2025, but that could definitely change at this point.

Even if Superman doesn't have to be delayed from its July 11, 2025 release date, Waller and Peacemaker don't seem as safe.

There has been no indication that the scripts for either show are even close to being finished yet, and if all hands are on deck for Gunn and his crew when Superman goes into production after the strikes, it could delay both Waller and Peacemaker.

If that were to be the case, then it would make sense that the rest of the DCU would be pushed back a little as well.

However, the good news is that Gunn did confirm he is already finished writing Superman and Creature Commandos, so if Waller, Season 2 of Peacemaker, and the rest of the DCU are delayed, it probably won't be by much.

Chapter 1 of the DCU will kick off with Creature Commandos on Max sometime in 2024.

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