Peacemaker Season 2 Gets Promising Release Update from James Gunn

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Peacemaker Season 2 is still in James Gunn's near-future plans within the new DCU.

After John Cena's hit series debuted on HBO Max in 2022, fans immediately wondered when a second installment would come along.

The actor himself said that he is hopeful for a return to the franchise, and even expressed excitement for what the future holds.

Since Season 1 took place, James Gunn was appointed co-CEO of DC Studios and the executive revealed the full Chapter 1 slate of the new DC Universe titled Gods and Monsters.

The lineup of projects didn't include Peacemaker, but Gunn stated back in February that it is just "postponed" for the time being.

Peacemaker is Next in Line After Superman: Legacy

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On a recent podcast episode of Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, James Gunn was asked about the state of Peacemaker Season 2, specifically if there are still plans for its release.

The DCU executive confirmed that the show is "coming back," and even stated that it is his "next thing" to work on after he is finished with Superman: Legacy:

"No, 'Peacemaker'’s coming back right after 'Superman.' That’s my next thing."

Gunn then shared that he will seemingly have no breaks in between the two projects, as he will start on Season 2 of Peacemaker as soon as Superman is ready:

"Yeah, go straight from 'Superman' to 'Peacemaker.'"

For reference, back in April Gunn stated that Season 2 of the hit DC series would be returning "after Superman," but he didn't give a specific window as to how long it would be after that movie.

Gunn also included in the recent interview that the Waller show is still set to come out prior to Peacemaker and that it would include "a lot of the same people:"

"But 'Waller''s first. And 'Waller''s a lot of the same people from 'Peacemaker.' So I mean, this is all… But yeah."

Rosenbaum then asked the DC executive if there is a possibility that The Suicide Squad could receive a sequel, to which Gunn replied by saying "no."

When Will Peacemaker Season 2 Release?

Seeing as how Superman: Legacy isn't set to come out until July 11, 2025, it can be easily inferred that Season 2 of Peacemaker won't be released until sometime after that date.

Superman: Legacy is currently set to start filming in January 2024. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was filmed from November 2021 to May 2022, which could give a rough indication that Gunn's Superman reboot will finish filming sometime in Summer 2024.

Filming for Peacemaker Season 1 took place from January 2021 to July 2021, indicating that Season 2's would likely last until Winter 2024. The first season then debuted six months later on January 13, 2022, which could indicate that the second season will have a similar turnaround.

This indicates that Peacemaker Season 2 could release as early as Summer 2025, with a possible push to Fall 2025 if the DCU wanted to stagger its time between releases.

However, with such a big gap between the first two seasons of the show, many fans will undoubtedly wonder what the second installment will be about.

It would be almost too obvious to assume that the next batch of episodes would pick up where the first season left off, but as Gunn stated, "a lot of the same" characters that are in Peacemaker will be appearing in the Waller show.

Whatever happens in that upcoming series will almost definitely set the stage for Peacemaker to make his grand return, and there may even be some sort of event at the end of Waller that will directly bring Cena's character back into the fold.

Perhaps something will actually happen to Viola Davis' Amanda Waller herself and she will have to employ the help of Peacemaker once again. 

After all, Waller did send the Justice League to help in Season 1's final episode. Even if they were too late to actually do anything, Waller still could say that Peacemaker owes her a favor.

Peacemaker Season 1 is now streaming on Max.

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