DC Studios’ First Project Gets Timeline Confirmation from James Gunn

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As DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn looks to create his own rejuvenated DCU timeline, he has confirmed where the new slate's first project begins the journey.

Gunn is currently early into development for his new slate of projects coming in Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, with casting for multiple new movies and TV series currently underway as fans wait for new developments.

DC Studios Boss Confirms Timeline Detail

DC Creature Commandos

On his Threads account, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn clarified when Creature Commandos takes place in the new DC timeline. 

The animated series is the first DCU project under Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran that will be released.

When asked if Creature Commandos would take place in the modern-day era or during a time closer to World War II in the 1940s, Gunn confirmed that it would be set in the "modern day."

In the comics, the Creature Commandos are usually a product of the 1940s, with the US government creating a special program trained in psychological warfare made up of monstrous-looking beings.

They would be used to inspire fear in their enemies, with only one human fighter amongst the group leading them into battle.

Fans even know about early plot details for this first entry, with Creature Commandos bringing new kinds of terrifying enemies and locales like Dinosaur Island as Gunn seeks to explore fresh faces and adventures from DC Comics lore.

How Will Creature Commandos Fit Into Modern-Day DCU?

While this modern-day twist on the Creature Commandos is surely different than how they were used in the comics, Gunn still appears set on making the group as scary and creepy as they've always been on the pages.

And with plot details mostly still remaining under wraps until the DCU's first Chapter 1 entry debuts, many will be curious to see how this team is utilized in a 21st-century adventure on a planet already filled with superheroes.

The series already boasts an A-list cast of stars such as Frank Grillo, David Harbour, and other comic book movie veterans, with plenty of mystery still in place about how these new characters will take the spotlight in this new adventure.

Creature Commandos is aiming to debut on Max sometime in 2024.

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