James Gunn Announces Casting for First DCU Show Is Nearly Done

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James Gunn, the leading executive behind the new DC Universe (DCU), is already well underway in developing his new slate, recently teasing that his first new project is almost finished with casting.

Gunn and his partner Peter Safran recently announced their plans for the DCU’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate, which will kick off in 2025 with Creature Commandos. This animated feature on HBO Max will spotlight an entirely new cast of characters while also bringing back a couple of returning actors from Gunn’s past work.

While it's still unclear exactly how Creature Commandos will fit into the larger narrative, it's expected to serve as the opening to Chapter 1 on HBO Max before Superman: Legacy jump-starts the theatrical slate in July 2025.

And with it being an animated title, plenty of time will need to be allotted for production once the rest of the cast is filled in behind-the-scenes.

DCU Chapter 1 Project Almost Done Casting

Creature Commandos, DC

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn revealed on Twitter that he's almost done with the casting process for Creature Commandos, which will be the first new project in Warner Bros.' Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate.

When asked by a fan if there was any news on the series, Gunn noted that casting was almost finished and that production will kick off in the near future:

"Starting production; almost done casting."

When Will Fans Get New Creature Commandos Updates?

Even with Creature Commandos being the first new entry in the DCU, there is still very little that's actually known about production or casting for the project.

Along with the Bride of Frankenstein and Rick Flag Sr., Sean Gunn is confirmed to make his return as Weasel after first popping up in Gunn's debut DC movie, The Suicide Squad. But outside of him, there is plenty of work to be done in the casting department, especially considering that these characters could be used in live-action with the same actors as well.

With Creature Commandos being the only project in development right now for the new DCU, fans already have their eye out for stars who may be looking to make the jump to the blue brand.

Most recently, former MCU standout Frank Grillo tagged himself in a post with Gunn, teasing that he may be in line for one of these exciting new roles. But with no confirmed release date and no specific timeframe for production, fans will simply have to wait for more information as Gunn dives into his first DC project as the head honcho.

Creature Commandos is expected to debut on HBO Max in 2025.

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