James Gunn Quells Concerns About His DC Reboot Having Too Much Humor

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For fans who have concerns about too much humor in the new DC reboot, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn offered his thoughts on those worries.

Gunn and partner Peter Safran are just over a year away from bringing their fresh slate of projects that will comprise the new DCU to reality, which has almost a dozen titles confirmed for development.

However, concerns are growing that Gunn's work with the DC Universe will include more humor than many fans are comfortable with when considering the director's comedy-infused superhero filmography like the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and his indie black comedy Super (as well as the fact that he'll be setting the tone with the DC reboot's first film, Superman: Legacy).

James Gunn Calms Fan Concerns About DCU Humor

James Gunn on The Suicide Squad movie set

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn responded to a fan question on Instagram regarding the level of humor that could be seen in the new DCU.

The fan asked if the new DCU will have the same style and tone as his work on the of Peacemaker Season 1 and The Suicide Squad, both of which featured Gunn as the director and had heavy comedic elements:

"Does 'Peacemaker' Season 1 and your '[The] Suicide Squad' match the style and tone you are going for in the new DCU? Will it shift much from project to project? I’m just stoked waiting to see this Superman and want to know everything you can tell us without spoilers."

Gunn made it clear that the tone "will shift from project to project" within the DCU, featuring a style and influence from each filmmaker involved:

"It will shift from project to project and will reflect the unique sensibilities of the filmmakers involved."

This comes after a Rolling Stone interview from April in which Gunn reiterated that his work on Superman: Legacy would have a "quite different" tone than what he used for his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy: 

"I learned so much from making these movies. But it’s not like 'Superman' is going to have exactly the same vibe as a 'Guardians' movie. It’s actually quite different."

How Funny Will James Gunn's DCU Be?

Considering how much humor James Gunn delivered in his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy and his work in the DCU thus far, it would make sense for him to bring at least some of those laughs to his upcoming slate of projects.

While he's noted that he wants to avoid repeating storylines and themes from past Superman movies for his own entry, he makes it clear that each new DCU movie's tone will evolve and adapt with each character.

Thus far, the variety in filmmakers can already be seen from early hires in the new DCU, with The Flash's Andy Muschietti helming The Brave and the Bold while Logan director James Mangold embraces directorial duties for Swamp Thing.

And with Gunn already looking to make sure that his work with DC is different from past franchises and his work from the MCU, he seems to know where to use humor in his new DCU and where to avoid it.

The new DCU will kick off with Creature Commandos, coming in 2024, and with Superman: Legacy in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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