16 MCU Actors Confirmed for She-Hulk’s Star-Studded Cast

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With only a few weeks until its debut, Marvel's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is poised to bring the gamma back to the MCU. Though She-Hulk will see Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters powered up to Hulk levels, her story will see her deal more with the legal complications presented by the superpowered shenanigans of her and her peers.

Even as the series dives into the MCU's past, dredging up characters like Hulk, Abomination, and Daredevil, the show is also something of a departure from the norm. 

Existing more as a "legal comedy," each episode of the show's first season will feature a more abbreviated half-hour runtime, with the first episode clocking in at just 35 minutesShe-Hulk's release strategy is also different, with the show pushing its midnight Disney+ drops from Wednesdays to Thursdays to make room for Andor​​​​​.

As She-Hulk stakes out its own corner of the MCU, it will also need to breathe life into an all-new cast of characters. This means bringing in a whole new series of talented actors, something which this series seems to have in spades.

Who Appears In She-Hulk's Cast?

As Jennifer Walters, aka the titular Jade Giantess, makes her way through the superhuman legal world, she will no doubt encounter a wide range of heroes, villains, and more. As such, the current cast for the show is quite large, featuring returning fan favorites and fresh faces alike. As such, here is a breakdown of every actor confirmed to be appearing in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Tatiana Maslany - She-Hulk


No surprise here, but, yes, Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk will be appearing in She-Hulk. While the series itself was announced back in late 2019, news of Maslany's casting didn't break until almost a year later. Playing the dual roles of Jennifer Walters, a regular-sized attorney, and She-Hulk, a gamma green giant, Maslany will likely explore the complications presented by becoming a Hulk, including her origin story, adjustment to her powers, and difficulty grappling with her new role as a hero. However, if the trailers are any indication, Walters will also be embracing the fun side of becoming a superpowered player, something relatively new to the MCU.

Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner / Hulk

Bruce Banner

Speaking of Hulks, Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner is also set to star in She-Hulk. Heavily rumored to appear in the series, Ruffalo's casting was finally confirmed by Marvel in December of 2021. The current wave of marketing for the series shows Ruffalo in a supporting role, helping the newly Hulked-up Jennifer Walters get a sense of her abilities. Even so, it's unclear just how much of a role Ruffalo will play in the series, as well as the exact nature of his current Hulk state, with the damage inflicted by the events of Endgame seemingly gone.

Benedict Wong - Wong


Benedict Wong will also join the proceedings, returning as Wong, the current Sorcerer Supreme. While Wong's role in the series is unclear, beyond his vague reference to a "higher power" in a recent trailer, it likely has something to do with his strange relationship with Abomination, as seen in Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings. Wong may also be setting up something larger, as evidenced by his frequent appearances across recent MCU projects.

Tim Roth - Emil Blonsky / Abomination


Abomination, as played by Tim Roth, will also play a role in the series, returning to the character after his minor appearance in Shang-Chi. Even as fans may think they know what to expect from the terrifying villain, She-Hulk looks to throw audiences a curveball, with a recent featurette revealing Emil Blonsky's new role in the MCU: a lifestyle guru. Though this career left turn will likely prove to be nothing but a vile scheme, it is at the very least an interesting new take on the character.

Charlie Cox - Matt Murdock / Daredevil


After months of swirling rumors, the most recent She-Hulk trailer finally revealed the full return of Daredevil to the mainline MCU. Featuring an all-new yellow-and-red suit, Charlie Cox's Devil of Hell's Kitchen is apparently "amazing" in the show. Daredevil's inclusion in the series is more than just random, however, as much like She-Hulk herself, Matthew Murdock also straddles the line between hero and lawyer. Though the relationship between the two is unclear, it seems likely that the heroes will interact in both the courtroom and on the streets, paving the way for Daredevil's full return in his upcoming series. 

Ginger Gonzaga - Nikki Ramos

Nikki Ramos

Ginger Gonzaga joins the show as Nikki Ramos, Jennifer Walters' best friend. Ramos will likely play a key supporting role in the series, helping Walters to deal with the Hulk-sized curve ball life throws her way. While little is known about Gonzaga's role beyond this, snippets from promotional materials have indeed shown the two hanging out and relaxing together.

Beyond her role in the series, Gonzaga has also spoken out about what to expect from it, stressing the "really cool feminist commentary" She-Hulk engages in, as well as sharing that her experience "was the best."

Renée Elise Goldsberry - Mallory Book

Mallory Brook

Hamilton's Renée Elise Goldsberry is also set to appear in the project. Though initially reported to be playing a mysterious character named Amelia, a recent featurette revealed her actual role as Mallory Book. In the comics, Book served as a legal rival for Walters, forcing her to bring the fight to the courtroom. This characterization makes sense, giving She-Hulk a more legally-oriented foe to face, as opposed to the more physical villains you would expect a Hulk of a hero such as herself to face.

Jameela Jamil - Titania


On the other side of the antagonist spectrum is Jameela Jamil, taking on the titanic role of Titania. With her own enhanced strength, Titania will be sure to provide a physical challenge for She-Hulk to tackle, something fans have seen hints of in a video of Jamil training. However, images from Empire also show the actress in a courtroom, suggesting that Walters may have to take Titania down on two fronts. Beyond Titania's sheer strength, the character is also, according to Jamil herself, extremely annoying, something she sees as her real superpower.

Steve Coulter - Holden Holloway

Holden Holloway

Steve Coulter will be playing the role of Holden Holloway. In the comics, Holden's name is slightly different, as his last name is Holliway with an "i". She-Hulk's first official teaser revealed that Coulter will still portray an attorney at the firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holloway, just like in the comics. The trailer showed Holden asking Jen to be the face of a superhuman law division that had just been started. 

Rhys Coiro - Donny Blaze

Donny Blaze

Rhys Corio's Donn Blaze is something of a mystery, though a compelling one at that. From what little has been shown of the character, he appears to be some sort of magician, appearing in court in a recent trailer with a theatrical flash. However, some evidence points to the character actually being, either now or in the future, Ghost Rider. The Blaze surname is especially telling, with the name being shared by Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider from the comics. His magical abilities are another point in the Ghost Rider column, teasing a possible aptitude for the supernatural. Even as this evidence is largely circumstantial, the MCU's slow movement towards the supernatural makes this possibility just a tad more likely.

Drew Matthews - Dennis “Buck” Bukowski

Dennis Bukowski

Joining the supporting cast is Drew Matthews, portraying Dennis “Buck” Bukowski. While little is known about the character's presence in the live-action incarnation of She-Hulk, the source material provides a hint towards Buck's likely role. In the comics, Bukowski served as another legal rival for Walters, accusing She-Hulk of a variety of crimes she did, in fact, not commit. Whether this specific conflict will be brought to the small screen remains to be seen, though the antagonistic dynamic between the two will likely be preserved.

Josh Segarra

Josh Segarra

While Josh Segarra was confirmed to appear in She-Hulk back in July of 2021, it is still unclear who he will be playing. As the series is, in part, a legal comedy, there is a wide range of roles for Segarra to fill. He could play any number of characters, including a legal ally, legal rival, member of the court, minor villain, politician, citizen, friend, love interest, and so on. For confirmation of just who it is Segarra is playing, fans will have to tune in.

David Otunga - one of Jen’s dates

David Otunga

David Otunga occupies a similar position as Segarra, though with a bit more clarity. With his brief appearance in She-Hulk's first official trailer, fans know that the WWE star will be appearing as one of Walters' dates, likely during some sort of montage. While it's unclear how much of a role Otunga will play in the series, from cameo to series regular, it's unlikely that he will be that present, considering how many other characters there are to deal with.

Jon Bass

Jon Bass

Known for his work in Baywatch, Jon Bass also joins the cast of She-Hulk. While, once again, Bass' role is unclear, given his comedy background, it's likely his character will have some sort of comedic bent.

Nicholas Cirillo

Nicholas Cirillo

Nicholas Cirillo is just one more unnamed addition to the cast, filling out the show's roster in an undisclosed role.

Griffin Matthews

Griffin Matthews

She-Hulk's stacked cast is rounded out by Griffin Matthews, another mystery figure within the show. Matthews has, however, spoken out about the role, revealing that he was given "the freedom to run wild" in the series.

Other Characters That May Show Up in She-Hulk

Beyond the fifteen actors confirmed to appear in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, there are also a number of characters shown off in promotional materials that have yet to receive official casting announcements. Here are these mysterious, yet likely additions to the cast.

The Wrecking Crew

Rumored to appear in the series, a recent trailer for She-Hulk has seemingly confirmed the inclusion of the Wrecking Crew. The trailer in question shows four men wielding enhanced construction implements. This connection is most clear with the inclusion of a glowing crowbar and wrecking ball, two weapons favored by Wrecker and Thunderball, members of the villainous superteam.


Frog-Man is but another of the superpowered villains showcased by She-Hulk's marketing campaign. Shown off in the show's first official trailer, fans were given a good look at the amphibious antagonist. Originally a villain of Spider-Man's, it appears that Frog-Man is now set to join She-Hulk's long list of ridiculous villain cameos.

Mr. Immortal

On the other side of the fight is Mr. Immortal, a hero with, as you might have guessed, the power of immortality. As opposed to other similarly-enabled heroes, like, say, Invincible, Mr. Immortal occupies a more comedic register, making him a perfect fit for the sort of superhero satire it seems She-Hulk is aiming for.

After an audition tape leaked with an actor seemingly reading for the character, it seems extremely likely that Mr. Immortal will end up on the big screen. Interestingly, the character was previously set to appear in New Warriors, before that series was canceled, making She-Hulk this C-tier hero's second shot at hitting the big time.


With rumors pointing to the appearance of "a porcupine man" in She-Hulk, many have theorized that some version of Porcupine may show up in the series. Porcupine, for those that don't know, is a villain equipped with a suit capable of shooting out porcupine-esque quills, along with a few other tactical implements. As absurd as it sounds, Porcupine sounds like just another ridiculous bad guy for Jennifer Walters to deal with, making him a perfect fit for the series.


Man-Bull, a character with the powers and appearance that such a name would imply, is another absurd antagonist rumored to fill out She-Hulk's court schedule. Even though there is little evidence beyond a single leak, it seems quite probable that such a D-lister could show up in the cameo-filled caper that She-Hulk is shaping up to be.

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