She-Hulk Actress Praises Feminist Themes In Disney+ Show

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Tatiana Maslany will make her grand entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe when She-Hulk hits Disney+ this August. The series will introduce the world to Jennifer Walters as she blazes a new trail for superhero law in Los Angeles. Sadly, her very first trailer garnered some criticism.

The CGI was far from stellar, and that aspect of the series shaped the internet conversation surrounding Jennifer Walter’s big debut. Don’t consider all hope lost, however, as the final product is what matters in the end.

Besides some stellar law work, some probable superhero antics, and old-fashioned fun, what else can audiences expect to see in the nine-episode story? 

Now, an actress from the show has teased that fans can expect She-Hulk to include feminist themes throughout the series.

She-Hulk Gets Feminist

She-Hulk Ginger Gonzaga

During an interview with Bell MediaShe-Hulk actress Ginger Gonzaga spoke about her experience being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how exciting the series is, and how it will include notable feminist themes.

Gonzaga noted how her experience on the show "was the best," and that lead actress Tatiana Maslany is "such an amazing, natural actor." The actress also pointed out how the nine-episode comedy will contain "a lot of really cool feminist commentary:"

"It was the best. Being in the Marvel world is a whole—you know, you're imagination gets to run wild. You're in all these scenes with iconic characters and Tatiana Maslany from Canada, Saskatchewan... but she's such an amazing, natural actor, and so fun and so professional. I can't say enough things about her or it'll sound like I'm being dishonest, which is amazing. So it was very fun to work with her and be in She-Hulk and be in the Marvel-verse... it was weird normalizing [being a part of the MCU]. And you know, Mark Ruffalo is on the show, we have Smart-Hulk on the show, and it's just so fun and silly. Jessica Gao, our writer, made such a smart satire with a lot of really cool feminist commentary, so it's exciting."

What Should Fans Expect From She-Hulk?

It’s probably safe to assume that most are not surprised in the slightest to hear how She-Hulk will feature feminist themes. After all, it’s about a newly turned female superhero trying to navigate the workplace while also existing under the shadow of her big green cousin Bruce Banner, who also happens to be male.

One of the more interesting elements of the character is seeing how she navigates a day job while also happening to be a Hulk herself—it’s a unique balance, which is unfortunately made all the more difficult due to her being a woman.

But how will the show tackle those particular topics? Will they aim to be satirical, exaggerated, subtle, or a mix of all the above?

Given Gonzaga said how the show is "a smart satire," it would seem almost certain that the way in which Jessica Gao's project will convey its messages and themes will be in a more satirical and exaggerated manner. Subtlety could very likely be off the table—or at least right on the edge.

Fans will know soon enough when She-Hulk hits Disney+ on August 17.

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