Is Disney+'s She-Hulk In Trouble? New Rumor Points to Show's Problems

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This year will see the debut of a second Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, all eyes may be currently on Marvel Studios' next project, Moon Knight, but Tatiana Maslany's debut may be one of the biggest and most unique additions to the MCU's Disney+ slate in 2022. Maslany leads the series as Jennifer Walters, who ends up becoming a different version of what her cousin, Bruce Banner is: a Hulk.

What makes the character truly unique is how she doesn't lose control of herself, like Mark Ruffalo's former Avenger. She also goes on to try and lead a normal life; raging green frame and all. That normal life? Being a lawyer in the courtroom.

The series will have ten episodes, and be more akin to a sitcom than anything the MCU has done before. Basically, it will be what WandaVision would have become if Agatha wasn't there all along.

Sadly, however, new rumors have indicated that there may be some problems brewing behind the scenes.

Is She-Hulk's Show In Trouble?

She-Hulk, Hulk

During an installment of The Hot Mic With Jeff and John, industry insider Jeff Sneider, who has written for outlets such as Variety and Collider, shared that Marvel Studios may have run into some creative issues with the She-Hulk Disney+ series during the post-production process.

Sneider revealed that not only has he heard that "the She-Hulk series is not shaping up to be very good," but also that he has "heard [it] more than once."

When speaking with him, his sources specifically mention how they always hear that "She-Hulk is the one that could be a problem" out of all the upcoming Disney+ series:

 "I've heard not good things behind-the-scenes... and I've asked whether it's Moon Knight or Ms. Marvel or Secret Invasion or any of these [projects], they are always like, 'She-Hulk is the one that could be a problem.'"

He is quick to clarify, however, that these sentiments could be exactly how the "people making Guardians of the Galaxy felt," a project which went on to turn those obscure characters into household names:

 "... I've heard it from people working on it, from people actually working on it who are just like, 'We'll see.' I think that's a lot of Marvel things, honestly, and you know where it's just like, 'Ugh, this could be really stupid, like we'll see.' I'm sure people making Guardians of the Galaxy felt that way, right? And most of the time [Marvel] pulls it out. But there will come a time where they won't, that's just the laws of moviemaking, the laws of numbers."

In the past, Sneider has reported on Andrew Garfield signing onto Spider-Man: No Way Home, Watchmen writer Damon Lindelof working on an unannounced Star Wars project, and how recent reshoots for Christian Bale's Thor: Love and Thunder villain have been underway.

Behind-the-Scenes Rumor, Not Fact

It's important to remember how these words don't write the series' fate in stone; She-Hulk could either be perfectly fine as it is when it finally hits Disney+ or may not fully come together in the way that fans are hoping. Production involves a lot of moving pieces, and words can easily get misunderstood.

Also, keep in mind that crew members' words could be more of a reflection of their experience working on the project behind-the-scenes, and may have nothing to do with the quality of what they are working on.

Though one has to admit, She-Hulk is a difficult concept to get right. The series will be Marvel Studios' first proper sitcom, one of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige's favorite genres; but one the MCU has only seen before with WandaVision. Then there's also the fact that a literal Hulk will be doing lawyer work.

Despite the character being a tricky one to adapt, Marvel has proven that they can make out-there ideas feel convincing and compelling; just look at the emotional narrative packed in amongst the Multiversal antics in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Hopefully, the upcoming Tatiana Maslany-led project will end up more like Guardians of the Galaxy, and less like Eternals (with its record-breaking Rotten Tomatoes score in mind).

She-Hulk is set to hit Disney+ before the end of 2022.

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