She-Hulk Disney+: New Video Shows Jameela Jamil Training For Marvel Fight Scene

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Fans have just wrapped up their time with Loki, marking Marvel Studios' third Disney+ show to finish its run. They've all done exceedingly well when it comes to viewership and reception, with Tom Hiddleston's adventure through the timelines breaking records

This is only the beginning of Marvel's takeover of the streaming sphere. Next on the roster is Marvel's animated What If...?, which is set to explore alternate universes where key MCU events are changed slightly. After that, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye are currently set to round out the year.

After those live-action shows round out the calendar year, 2022 will bring a show that has been touted to be completely different from anything Marvel has done before. The show in question is She-Hulk, which is set to be a half-hour legal comedy starring the lawyer turned Gamma-radiated beast—with some fourth-walk breaking to boot.

There hasn't been much news on the show; however, star Jameela Jamil has broken the silence, revealing a video on social media confirming her entry into the MCU.


Jameela Jamil She-Hulk

On the actress' official Instagram page, She-Hulk star Jameela Jamil released a fun video of her training to the tune of "Eye of The Tiger", while text on the screen officially announced her arrival to the MCU.

"I can't believe I get to say this but... Fighting my way through the MCU, coming to you in 2022! #SheHulk #AnythingIsPossibleKids"

Jamil will reportedly play the villain Titania in the Disney+ series.

The entire video can be seen below:



Jameela Jamil's announcement comes not too long after it was reported that she was set to bring comic book villain Titania to life. Marvel is clearly holding her back from officially confirming her role, despite reports already circulating about it. It does seem like the actress has been dying to reveal her involvement with the MCU for a while, and it's great that she's finally getting that chance. 

Her announcement video shows the actress training for some sort of fight sequence. Fans could be getting their first glimpse at a character fighting the upcoming heroine, She-Hulk.

She-Hulk does not currently have a release date, but given Jamil's video, it is confirmed to arrive in 2022. It will likely be the first show to air that year—given this year's schedule stays on track.

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