Marvel Studios Reportedly Finds Its She-Hulk Villain In Jameela Jamil

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Marvel Studios is back in action with the Loki series on Disney+, which will kick off nearly 18 straight months of MCU action by the end of 2022. This includes multiple Disney+ series bringing new heroes into the story such as Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk early next year.

This show will be the first direct continuation for the Hulk franchise within the MCU, bringing Jennifer Walters’ big green lawyer to life alongside her cousin, Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner.

Rumored to be told as a legal comedy in the vein of The Office, the show will take on a new dynamic for Marvel Studios as the superhero world goes full legalese.

As this series continues production, rumors are pointing to an exciting new cast member joining the fray.


Jameela Jamill

The Illuminerdi reported that Marvel Studios has cast The Good Place star Jameela Jamil in the She-Hulk series coming to Disney+ in 2022.

Jamil will play the classic Marvel villain Titania opposite Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters.


The Illuminerdi shared a rumor in November 2020 that Marvel Studios was looking to cast a glamorous 30-something female described as "Kim Kardashian-esque with a dark side." Not only does Titania fit that bill quite well as a character, but Jameela Jamil should also be able to fill the role with her experience and comedic skills.

In the comics, Titania gains her superpowers through radiation in most of her origin stories, gaining abilities like superhuman strength and stamina. After growing up as the victim of bullying from her high school classmates, she redefines herself. to become a well-known socialite. It's easy to see how this could be reworked for her MCU adaptation, having her be a sort of social media star in the present day.

Jamil's Titania also marks the second villain to appear in this show alongside Tim Roth's Abomination, who will make only his second appearance in the MCU after first starring in 2008's The Incredible Hulk. His role in the show is still a mystery, and it will be interesting to see whether they both fly solo or team up for a common antagonistic goal by the climax of the show.

Jamil's most recent major TV role came as Tahani Al-Jamil in four seasons of The Good Place, and she currently serves as the host of the game show The Misery Index alongside the Impractical Jokers. She also lent her voice talents to an episode of the widely successful Harley Quinn show, although this will undoubtedly come as her biggest comic book role yet.

Coming in at nearly six feet tall herself, she has the physical stature to stand toe-to-toe with the show's massive leading woman. It will also be exciting to see how she tackles the intense physical responsibilities that come with an MCU production. 

As She-Hulk goes further into development, Jamil's inclusion should only serve to boost the quality of this highly-anticipated Disney+ entry.

She-Hulk is currently filming and will debut on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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