She-Hulk Disney+ Casting Call Teases Kim Kardashian-Type Villain & More New Characters

By Trey Tobias Posted:
She-Hulk, Kim Kardashian

While Black Widow still has no plans to be released anywhere until May 2021 - a delay which is stalling the beginning of the MCU's Phase Four films - Marvel Studios is rapidly moving forward on the development of their upcoming slate of television shows for Disney+. WandaVision is officially set to premiere in January 2021, and other shows like Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel have even recently begun filming.

Another highly anticipated Marvel series is She-Hulk, which centers around the quick-witted super-strong cousin of Bruce Banner. Aside from conflicting leading role reports and rumors of a young Bruce Banner appearance, the series has yet to see any major breakthroughs for news. However, with production on She-Hulk set to begin in March 2021, more information about the supporting characters who will join Jennifer Walters is finally coming to light.


A new report from The Illuminerdi has revealed five new She-Hulk roles which are currently casting for the series. These roles include Jennifer Walters' parents, who will be in their 60's and play supporting roles, as well as a role for a male coworker in his late 20's to 30's, who is described as "sweet," "earnest," and "handsome in a John Krasinski sort of way..." The role is also said to be "leaning diverse but open to all ethnicities."

The two more important characters listed include Jennifer Walters' best friend in the show, who is reportedly codenamed as "Susie," with the production looking for a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) actress in her 30's, and specifically looking for someone with strong comedic abilities.

The final character is a female villain in her 30's under the codename "Lucy." This antagonist is reportedly described as "...a glamorous social media influencer, Kardashian-esque with a dark side," and will play a fairly large role in the series, appearing in five to ten episodes.


These casting listings can give fans a pretty decent idea of the characters that will be important to Jennifer Walters' story arc journey throughout the first season. Jennifer Walters will have the funny best friend, a co-worker who's also a romantic interest, and a villain that comes from a very different world than the social circle of lawyers that Walters is used to.

She-Hulk is also definitely bringing its series into a very modern atmosphere, with a diverse supporting cast mirroring the real-world New York in a similar way that the MCU's Spider-Man films do. The show even consists of a Kardashian-type social media influencer villain, who could very well be a modernized adaptation of popular She-Hulk villains like Ultima or Titania, or even the constantly live-streaming super villain Screwball. A five to ten episode appearance of the character is significant, revealing that this will be strong supporting character while also indicating that Marvel Studios will be venturing into double-digit episode counts with their Disney+ seasons.

Even though no real plot details have been revealed yet, with the addition of these supporting roles, it already sounds like She-Hulk is gearing up for a series as fun and exciting as its green and charismatic main character.