She-Hulk Disney+: First Photo of Mark Ruffalo on Marvel Set Revealed

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In 2022, Marvel Studios will finally be expanding on the Incredible Hulk’s legacy with the She-Hulk series coming to Disney+.Tatiana Maslany will be embodying Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters, as the lead character of the show, which is being described as a half-hour legal comedy.

While this show’s specific plot elements are largely being kept under wraps, the cast is confirmed to include both Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and Tim Roth’s Abomination in key roles alongside Maslany’s leading lady. Very few set photos have made their way online thus far, keeping plenty of the mystery in tact concerning what fans will see come to screen.

Thanks to a batch of set photos that probably shouldn't have been posted by one of the series' actresses, the first glimpse at Ruffalo at work for the show's production is finally available for viewing.


Mark Ruffalo Hulk

Actress Anais Almonte took to Facebook to share images of her experience on the set of Marvel Studios' She-Hulk, including one of herself with Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo.

This is the first time Ruffalo has been seen on set after he was announced to be a part of the cast at Disney Investor Day. Ruffalo is sporting motion/performance-capture dots all over his face along with the classic mo-cap outfit he's donned for his past performances as the Hulk.


Mark Ruffalo's inclusion in She-Hulk was one aspect of the show fans wanted for a long time, which made for exciting news when Marvel President Kevin Feige confirmed him to be in the cast at Disney's 2020 Investor Day. This image should bring a major wave of celebration by simply seeing him on set, even if no details for his story have been revealed yet.

Other set photos include looks at both a clapperboard labeled "Clover" and a number of monitors in use for shooting, although nothing specific can be picked out from what's on screen.

Additionally, Almonte is seen posing in quite the glamorous outfit for her own picture, although it's hard to tell if she's acting in the show or serving as a stunt double. Previous reports have described the villain of She-Hulk being something of a Kim Kardashian-esque influencer, and this outfit could fit in well with a role like that.

Regardless of what these photos tease, Marvel Studios looks to have yet another thrilling entry to the MCU on its hands for next year. With Mark Ruffalo officially on board as Professor Hulk once again, the stage is set for yet another new adventure to add to the ever-growing narrative.

She-Hulk is currently filming and will release on Disney+ in 2022.

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