Marvel’s She-Hulk Disney+ Show Begins Filming

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Out of all the announced projects that Marvel has in the works, one of the more unique of the group is easily She-Hulk . The concept itself is way out of the box. Bruce Banner's cousin is saved via blood transfusion with his gamma-infused blood, leading to Jennifer Walters becoming the titular She-Hulk.

Of course, she isn't just another giant green rage monster. No, instead she has better control over her powers in a way that Banner never really had. Walters doesn't just become a superhero, but also a lawyer as her day job—representing other super-powered individuals out there in the world.

A hulked-out lawyer is a lot to take in, and is a rather ridiculous concept on the surface. However, the character is a classic and has lived on through the comics for decades—so fans shouldn't underestimate her importance.

When audiences do finally get to see Jennifer Walters on screen, it will be in the form of a ten-episode, half-hour legal comedy . But when will the show actually see the light of day?



According to the official Georgia website , via "She-Hulk Daily" on Twitter , Marvel Studios' She-Hulk series is now filming. The Disney+ show has been listed as 'Now Filming in Georgia' on the Film Entertainment section of the state's site.

Part of the listing of productions can be viewed below:

She-Hulk list


Seeing as She-Hulk wasn't on this list as of last week, it's probably safe to assume that this could be their first day in production, at the very least they haven't been up and running for long. With such a late start to production, fans certainly shouldn't expect to see the show this year.

In fact, an early 2022 release date is a better bet, maybe even an early January release like WandaVision had earlier this year. It's exciting to have yet another Marvel production start back up. After 2020, the fact that so many of their projects are starting back up, without delays, is even more exciting than it would usually be.

The wait until She-Hulk 's likely 2022 release date will be a long one, but one that seems to be worth the wait. Not only will fans be seeing Jennifer Walters come to life, but the show presents a unique opportunity to showcase other potential superheroes that we haven't seen.

The structure of the show is perfect for heroes to come and go as they please, as Jennifer helps them out of a bind.  It could be people we already know, or it could be new faces–– like the very likely guest in Matthew Murdock . In fact, at this point, it would be more disappointing than anything else if Daredevil ends up not visiting the show.

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