All 7 Marvel Movies & Shows Releasing In the Rest of 2024

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The second half of 2024 will see seven new projects from Marvel, a mix of both movies and shows, giving fans much to look forward to for the rest of the year.

So far, there have been three new Marvel titles released in 2024 — Echo, Madame Web, and X-Men '97. Still, 2024 remains a relatively light year for Marvel, as the MCU is only releasing one movie this year, that being Deadpool & Wolverine.

But, Marvel adaptations outside of the MCU, and MCU shows for Disney+, remain chugging along, and are set for upcoming releases this year.

7 New Marvel Projects Releasing in 2024

Seven Marvel projects, including both movies and shows, will be released in 2024, giving fans much to look forward to in the back half of the year.

Hit Monkey Season 2 — July 15

Hit Monkey Season 2

Despite most people seeming to have forgotten about this show existing in the first place, Hit Monkey Season 2 will see all 10 of its episodes released on Hulu on July 15.

Interestingly enough, it's not just fans that seem to have let Hit Monkey fly under the radar — in fact, Marvel itself removed all branding from the series as a whole. With how litigious Marvel usually is about making clear who owns what, it's fascinating to see this show just completely abandon that.

Particularly given how close its release is to the far more highly anticipated project next on this list, it would not be surprising to see Season 2 put on a prioritization back burner in terms of promotion.

Deadpool & Wolverine — July 26

Deadpool and Wolverine
Marvel Studios

The MCU's only theatrical release in 2024, Deadpool & Wolverine will officially bring Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool into the MCU when it hits theaters on July 26.

Various set leaks, interviews, casting announcements, and trailers reveal that Deadpool & Wolverine will act as a tribute of sorts to the Fox Marvel movies' universe too.

Two trailers for Deadpool & Wolverine have already released, and CinemaCon attendees got to see some footage from the movie earlier this year.

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Venom: The Last Dance — October 25

Venom The Last Dance, tom Hardy
Sony Pictures

Venom: The Last Dance is the third installment in Sony's Venom franchise, following 2018's Venom and 2021's Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

The last time fans saw the symbiote was in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home in the MCU. It seems that appearance may be at least acknowledged in the upcoming threequel, which releases on October 25.

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Kraven the Hunter — December 13

Kraven the Hunter Movie, Aaron Taylor Johnson
Sony Pictures

The third Sony Spider-Verse movie to release this year (following Madame Web and Venom 3) is Kraven the Hunter.

Releasing on December 13, the R-rated movie starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson was at one point set to release in August 2024, before being pushed to December.

Given the movie's original August release date, the first full trailer for Kraven the Hunter was released almost a year ago — roughly 18 months before the movie itself will hit theaters.

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Agatha: Darkhold Diaries — September 18

Agatha Darkhold Diaries
Marvel Studios

Agatha: Darkhold Diaries — the first Disney+ Marvel release after the recent first season of X-Men '97 — is confirmed to release this Fall on September 19.

The series will be a spin-off of 2021's WandaVision, focused on Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn). She will be accompanied by a supporting cast of various witches, and many fans have speculated that Joe Locke, whose role has not yet been confirmed, will be playing a grown-up Billy Kaplan.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man — TBA

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Suits
Marvel Studios

As of the last time it was discussed officially, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is set to release sometime in 2024.

The animated series, originally called Spider-Man: Freshman Year, will feature What If...? Spider-Man actor Hudson Thames, reprising his role as Peter Parker.

While it has not significantly been discussed since it was announced back in 2022, Charlie Cox was confirmed to voice Daredevil in the show, though the series will not be canon to the main MCU at large.

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Eyes of Wakanda — TBA

Black Panther, What If, Eyes of Wakanda
Marvel Studios

The most recent announcement on the list, Eyes of Wakanda may be released in 2024 too. A recent listing from Disney included it as an undated project, so of this list, if anything were to change, this would be the most likely candidate.

Very little is known about the show, which was only announced in December 2023. Fans know it will be animated, will focus on warriors on missions "throughout Wakandan history," and that it will be released sometime soon.

When the series was first announced, a select audience got to see a sizzle reel for the project, which means at least some of the animation is complete at this point.

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Hit Monkey Season 2 will be the first of the seven Marvel releases this year, hitting Hulu on July 15.

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