The Batman: Set Photos Reveal New Looks at the Batmobile

Batman logo with Bat Mobile
By Pierre Chanliau

Fans actually got a good look at Robert Pattinson's new Batmobile from concept model maker Jeff Frost several months ago, and saw it in action during the trailer for The Batman released at DC FanDome as it chased down a proto-Penguin.

Now, fans are getting another glimpse of The Dark Knight's mode of transportation as production prepares to shoot in September.


The Daily Mail received photographs of crew members of The Batman test driving two Batmobiles on a disused airfield:

Photos are shown with the crew adhering to safety regulations and wearing masks as they test drive both vehicles. Others can be seen checking engines for any potential problems before filming.


While it's true that the studio is scaling back shooting on-location in place of filming in-studio instead , that doesn't mean that they won't be rolling cameras outdoors at all. After all, Warner Bros. is still planning to film exterior shoots on-location in Chicago with the possibility of actors showing up on set, too.

As for the cars themselves, in these photos, they both seem to be identical to one another, but they could both serve different functions for filming. One could be made of a stronger material for the purpose of stunts, while the other is simply made to look good on camera, but is obviously more fragile and perhaps more difficult to drive. It could also just be that one of them is simply a backup vehicle in the event the first one becomes inoperable due to a botched stunt.