Robert Pattinson's DC Return BEFORE Batman 2 Reportedly Revealed

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A new rumor suggests that Robert Pattinson's next DC role prior to The Batman 2 could be in The Penguin series.

The Penguin will feature Colin Farrell in his unrecognizable role as Oswald Cobblepot, tracking the villain's rise to becoming an infamous crime boss.

The upcoming spin-off series is intended to sit outside of the DCU narrative that James Gunn and Peter Safran are building but directly connect to Matt Reeves' Batman universe and may even lead into the upcoming sequel, The Batman - Part 2.

To aid in this, it seems that Farrell might not be the only The Batman star to reprise his role in the series.

Robert Pattinson Rumored for The Penguin

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Industry insider Jeff Sneider revealed on the latest episode of The Hot Mic that he's heard rumors about Robert Pattinson's next DC appearance.

"Word is that Pattinson is going to appear in ‘The Penguin’ series." 

Sneider added that it's unknown whether Pattinson will appear in the series as Batman, Bruce Wayne, or both.

While it's clear that Robert Pattinson will return in The Batman - Part 2, to think he may reprise his DC role even sooner than 2025 is an exciting prospect.

The Penguin does not have a confirmed release date, but given that it is already filming, it seems like it will release prior to The Batman 2, which would make this Pattinson's next appearance in the DC universe.

The Penguin will reportedly take place only a week after the events of The Batman, which saw Gotham City flooded and a power vacuum open after the death of Carmine Falcone. 

Matt Reeves recently commented that he intends for Pattinson's Batman to "be the emotional center of the story" in the upcoming sequel. If The Penguin plans to set this film up in some way, it makes sense that Bruce Wayne and/or Batman would have a part to play in the story of the TV series as well.

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