The Batman 2 Gets Official Start Date Announcement

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After The Batman - Part II was officially confirmed as part of James Gunn's Elseworlds slate in the DCU, the sequel's production start date was recently confirmed.

The Batman 2 looks to continue the epic story laid out in 2022's The Batman, which became a rousing success critically and financially for Warner Bros. Director Matt Reeves even shared his own excitement for the sequel upon its official announcement, teasing that fans are in for an "EPIC. CRIME. SAGA." on social media.

While the cast is still coming together alongside Bruce Wayne star Robert Pattinson, he'll at least have Andy Serkis back as his trusty butler Alfred, with fans still waiting to hear what terrifying new villains the Caped Crusader will face.

But with more than two full years remaining until The Batman 2 hits the big screen, anticipation is building to see when the cast and crew will reunite to make the film.

The Batman 2 Gets Production Start Date

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The Batman executive producer Michael Uslan revealed in an Instagram post that The Batman - Part II is currently set to begin production in November, also sharing a promotional image from the first movie:

"'The Batman, Part 2' commences production 11/23!"

The Batman

A recent issue of Production Weekly reported that The Batman 2 would be filming at Warner Bros.' Levensden Studios, the same studio that was used for a number of scenes in the first movie.

This November production start date will mark just under two years until The Batman 2 comes to theaters on October 3, 2025.

The Batman 2 Prepping for Elseworlds DC Release

After The Batman became Warner Bros.' most successful superhero outing of 2022, fans were thrilled to hear that the story will continue in an Elseworlds setting under DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn's watch.

And with Colin Farrell's The Penguin spin-off series in the earliest stages of production right now, Warner Bros. will have plenty of time to make sure everything is set for Pattinson's return to the cape and cowl.

While story details are being kept under wraps for the sequel with so much time until it goes into production, there are already almost a dozen potential villains on the table after the Penguin and the Riddler took the spotlight in 2022.

At the top of that potential list is the Joker after the original movie's ending tease, although the team is being kept in the dark about whether that plot point will continue now or later.

But with filming for the sequel now set to begin at the tail end of the year, more information is sure to be on the way in short order.

The Batman - Part II will debut in theaters on October 3, 2025, with filming set to begin this November.

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