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The Batman Part II casting sirens have sounded, teasing that a familiar actor has joined the DC sequel. 

Matt Reeves' upcoming DC Elseworlds story was recently given official confirmation, with an October 3, 2025 release date attached. 

The first film's cast was beloved amongst fans, with everyone from Zoë Kravitz's Selina Kyle to Andy Serkis' Alfred Pennyworth having their praises sung. However, it remains unknown how many of the cast and crew will be back for The Batman 2

With a "dark" spin-off centered around the character planned, fans can surely expect the likes of Colin Farrell's Penguin to pop back up again. Riddler actor Paul Dano also revealed that he would be up for returning if called upon, but other than that, the sequel remains largely a mystery. 

Alfred is Back in The Batman 2

Alfred Serkis
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According to The Batman director Matt Reeves, Alfred actor Andy Serkis will reprise his DC role in The Batman Part II

The information was confirmed in a GQ interview (via The Hollywood Handle) with Serkis himself, with the interview noting that Reeves had told them Serkis would be back. 

The DC star does not have much lined up when it comes to on-screen acting these days, as he ventures into the world of producing and directing. Serkis said to GQ  that he "[doesn’t] have a burning desire to play [anyone]:”

“I don’t have a burning desire to play [anyone]. What I do want is to go back to the stage. That’s one thing I want to do for sure – and I’m terrified of it.”

Despite this, the actor will be back for The Batman 2. Another actor is also up for returning for the sequel, despite not being officially confirmed as of yet. 

Colin Farrell previously expressed his desire to follow Matt Reeves into Part II, telling Variety that the director already has ideas to include Farrell's Penguin in the sequel:

"Matt’s idea originally was to have the Penguin show begin about a week after the end of The Batman film. And then, if it works, if the trajectory is interesting enough, and the if audience go for it, and we do our jobs right, have the second film– Penguin feature in the second film and pick up where the HBO show will end."

Farrell further emphasized how he would love to come for The Batman Part II, admitting that he wanted more scenes in the original movie:

"I mean I’d love to. I’d love to do that. That was a blast. And I wanted more– You know, I would’ve loved to have had more scenes in the first film. I understood that he wasn’t the primary villain."

Joker actor Barry Keoghan has also voiced his interest in returning, saying that he is avidly awaiting the call to come back.

Where Will Matt Reeves Take The Batman 2?

This will likely be exciting to hear that Andy Serkis is back for The Batman Part II, albeit not all that surprising. 

After his character was pushed to the brink of death in The Batman, it was assumed Serkis would don the butler garb once again when an inevitable sequel was announced. 

What is interesting is what his role reprisal could mean for the story of the DC sequel. With Serkis being vocal he is not really pursuing acting roles right now, this could be the perfect place to send off his DC character.  

With Alfred nearly dying, but ultimately surviving a brush with one of Batman's most formidable foes in the first, it could make sense to kill him off in the sequel. 

Audiences have seen what happens to Robert Pattinson's take on the Dark Knight when he has fully unraveled. It is at the close of Matt Reeves' first film in the "Batman Crime Saga" that Bruce finally realizes he needs to clean himself up a bit and embrace the symbol of being a hero in this crime-riddled city. 

But what could push that to its limits is if he loses the only person he holds close. He has lost his parents, so what happens when that last vestige of a family once had is gone? 

This move could potentially really test Pattinson's hero and see if he really is ready to not go back to his old ways. It also sounds like the perfect way to amp up the stakes of whoever this new villain in The Batman 2 may be (be it the Joker or someone else).

The Batman Part II is due in theaters on October 3, 2025. 

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