The Batman’s Riddler Actor Reveals If He’d Return In Sequel

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The Batman reinvented Paul Dano's Riddler into a psychotic and menacing killer who targets Gotham's elite. While the film's Riddler still uses riddles to give hints to the Dark Knight, the character's killer instinct makes him one of the most dangerous versions yet.

At the end of the movie, Robert Pattinson's Batman managed to outsmart the Riddler and ultimately defeat him. Still, the villain could still easily return due to the heavy tease that a partnership with Barry Keoghan's Joker is possible down the line. 

Now, ahead of the confirmation that a sequel is being made, Dano has shared a  new update about his potential return as the DC villain.

Paul Dano Expresses Interest to Return as the Riddler

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Speaking with ComicBook, Riddler actor Paul Dano said that he would "probably be there" if the sequel to The Batman wants to explore more of his character: 

“If they wanted there to be one, I’d probably be there. But I actually have not thought a whole lot about it, and I find it curious myself that I’ve somehow spent even more time with this character, because someone asked me, when we were doing Batman press, ‘Did you take anything home from the set?’ And I was like, ‘No.’ Of Edward’s. I was like, I don’t need anything of that guy in my home. Jokingly.” 

The Batman villain actor then reflected on the process of writing the prequel tie-in comics for The Riddler, admitting that "it's a really good way to explore internal monologue" while also sharing that a lot of his attention is solely directed to writing comics and not about his on-screen character's future: 

“And then here I am, and I have spent, on and off, a year or two writing this comic and that was really, it felt right for the medium of comics, because it’s a really good way to explore internal monologue. Where film, I think, voiceover only holds to a certain degree. And this kind of offers the chance to get into what a person like that, that sort of obsessive thinking, almost like an inner monologue that picks up throughout the comic. And so not a lot of my attention has gone towards his future. Maybe it will someday.”

In a separate interview with ComicBook, Dano shared even more interesting tidbits about writing the Riddler's prequel tie-in comic, saying that the essence of the comic comes from the work that he did going into the film: 

“So, the essence of the comic does come from the work I did to give the performance … I’m sure that I’m deeper into this than ever because of writing this comic. But the essence, the emotional essence of it is something I’d worked with already. And the comic has grown into its own thing, but the essence comes from the work I did going into the film. 

At the end of his conversation, Dano also admitted that he has "no clue" if he will play the character again in live action, but he did reassure fans that he "certainly would" make a comeback since he loved making the first movie: 

"And I have no clue if I will play the Riddler in live action again or not. But like I said, I loved making The Batman, so I think I certainly would.”

Why Riddler's Return in The Batman 2 Isn't Necessary

While it's good that Paul Dano is open to returning as the Riddler, many would agree that his potential comeback in The Batman's sequel might be too soon, especially considering that the character received a convincing defeat in the first film. 

The Batman's sequel would benefit even more if fresh new villains will be introduced other than the Riddler and the Joker. However, it's possible that Dano could still return in the follow-up in a minor role, presumably in a post-credits scene that could tease his future. 

The Batman director Matt Reeves already teased that the sequel could explore Mr. Freeze as its villain while Robert Pattinson might have accidentally revealed that the Court of Owls could be involved. 

Meanwhile, the Riddler's prequel tie-in comic offers a chance to uncover more secrets of the sinister villain, giving fans a closer look at his history and heel turn. Reading the comic would also allow fans to understand more about the character before his eventual comeback. 

The Batman is available to stream on all major digital platforms.

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