The Batman's 2nd HBO Max Spin-off Gets Promising Update

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The Batman, HBO Max

Earlier this year, Matt Reeves stunned the world with The Batman. His new vision of the Caped Crusader saw Robert Pattinson don the cowl to go up against Paul Dano's Riddler. Not only did the movie do well, but it also caused Warner Bros. to green-light two spin-off series quickly.

The first of them follows Colin Farrell's big bad, The Penguin. While he was only in a few scenes in Reeves' film, the show aims to change that with a tale of his ascension in Gotham's criminal world—one which takes place only a week after the movie ended.

The second was originally about Gotham's police department, but the series then evolved into one focused on Arkham Asylum. While the project isn't as close to production as The Penguin is, it did just receive a new showrunner.

Arkham Asylum Gets a New Showrunner

Variety reported that the upcoming Arkham Asylum-based HBO Max series, from the world of Matt Reeves' The Batman, has received a new showrunner.

That person is none other than Antonio Campos, the creative behind The Staircase, which recently finished airing.

No further information about the project was revealed, however, Campos will be the third showrunner that Warner Bros. has attached to the series. The first two, Terence Winter and Joe Barton, left due to creative differences.

This project is only one of two spin-off series based in the world of Reeves' successful take on the Dark Knight. 

The other will focus on Colin Farrell's villain "as he rises through the darkened ranks to become The Penguin." The show is set to start production at some point in early 2023.

What Rogues Will Show Their Face

A television series in Arkham Asylum sounds like it could feature quite a lot of big, important faces.

For one, seeing as the movie ends with Riddler and Joker becoming prison pals, one would have to assume that they'd play some sort of role in a show based on the very penitentiary they're imprisoned in. It'll also no doubt be difficult to not have Batman show up at some point—it's only natural. In fact, it may feel even odder if he doesn't show his face.

The same could be said for The Penguin. If it truly does take place a week after the film, Batman would probably be out and about quite often, cleaning up Gotham's crime more than usual.

Fans will have to wait until both projects land on HBO Max to see how Matt Reeves will play his metaphorical spin-off cards. With The Penguin set to start filming early next year, a late 2023 or early 2024 premiere is likely. 

Since the Arkham series only just now hired a new showrunner, it'll likely be quite a while before that project sees the light of day.

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