Release Date:
March 4, 2022
2 hours 56 minutes
How To Watch:
Matt Reeves
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Jeffry Wright as Lt. James Gordon
Colin Farrell as Ozwald Cobblepot/The Penguin
Paul Dano as The Riddler
John Tuturro as Carmine Falcone
Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth
Peter Sarsgaard as Gil Colson
Barry Keoghan as The Joker
Jayme Lawson as Bella Reál
Greig Fraser
Matt Reeves
Peter Craig
Music / Composer:
Michael Giacchino 
Matt Reeves
Dylan Clark
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HBO Max released a funny advertisement promoting The Batman coming to the streaming service.

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The Batman Director Reveals Secret Riddler Appearance That We All Missed (Photo)

The Batman's Matt Reeves confirmed the Riddler's hidden appearance early on in the movie.

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The Batman costume designer shared alternate takes and concepts on what would become the film's bat symbol.

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Marvel's Eternals Star Barry Keoghan Arrested for Public Order Incident

Marvel and DC star Barry Keoghan was arrested in Dublin due to a "public order" incident.

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The Batman Reveals 11 Blu-Ray Extras & Featurettes

The Blu-ray details for Matt Reeves' The Batman revealed 11 titles for behind-the-scenes videos.

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The Batman Starts Streaming on HBO Max Slightly Sooner than Expected

HBO Max confirmed when The Batman will release on the streaming service.

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Doctor Strange 2 Beats The Batman With Early Ticket Sales

Doctor Strange 2 earned the highest first day ticket sales of 2022, beating out DC's The Batman.

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Watch: HBO Max Celebrates 12 DC Superhero Movies & Shows In New Trailer

HBO Max released a trailer featuring 12 projects from multiple DC Universes.

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Watch: Robert Pattinson Throws Punches In Brief New Batman Training Video

A new video of Robert Pattinson's training for The Batman was officially released.

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The Batman Movie’s Rataalada Website Receives Major Update

The Riddler's in-universe website has been seized by the Gotham City Police Department.

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Did The Batman Just Tease Joker’s Prison Escape With This Deleted Easter Egg?

An Easter Egg in a deleted scene from The Batman could hint at The Joker’s role in the project’s sequel.

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Watch: The Batman's 5-Minute Joker Deleted Scene Released Online

A new deleted scene for The Batman showcased another fresh look at Barry Keoghan's Joker.

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The Batman Movie Announces Riddler Prequel Story

A new update to The Batman's tie-in website teased a prequel comic for The Riddler.

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Jared Leto Returning as Joker? Actor Wants to Return to DC

Jared Leto expressed a desire to return to his role as the Joker.

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The Batman: New Poster Reveals Riddler Puzzle Scene That Wasn't In the Movie

Four new posters for The Batman were officially revealed to promote its upcoming release in China.

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The Batman: Early Concept Art Shows Ben Affleck Instead of Pattinson (Photos)

New concept art teased what fans would have gotten if Ben Affleck never departed from The Batman

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The Batman Director Teases the Future of 'Insidious' Joker

The Batman director Matt Reeves describes his Joker's view of human nature as "insidious."

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The Batman: Joker's Deleted Scene Dialogue Revealed

Matt Reeves teased deleted dialogue from Barry Keoghan's Joker in The Batman.

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Why The Batman's Trailer Frustrated Robert Pattinson's Stylist

The Batman's hair stylist shared a look at test footage of Robert Pattinson that was used in the movie's first trailer.

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The Batman 2: Joker & Riddler’s Sequel Return Teased By New Marketing

New images on the website from The Batman's post-credits scene teased the Riddler and the Joker's roles in a sequel.

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The Batman Penguin Spin-off Receives Promising Update

HBO Max officially confirmed that Colin Farell's Penguin spinoff series has been given a straight-to-series order.

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The Batman Cinematographer Reveals Why Joker's Scene Is So Difficult to See

The Batman's cinematographer Greig Fraser has spoken out about why Joker was hidden in the shadows in his quick appearance in the recently released film.

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The Batman Director Comments on Wild Robin Fan Theories

Matt Reeves responded to a DC theory suggesting Robin may have been teased in The Batman.

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Dylan O'Brien Reacts to Nightwing Casting Rumors

Actor Dylan O'Brien has commented on all the fan castings of him as the famous hero Nightwing, who was once Batman's sidekick, Robin.

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The Batman Star Zoë Kravitz Debunks 'Clickbait' Dark Knight Casting Reports

The Batman star Zoe Kravitz clarifies some recent quotes she gave regarding auditioning for Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

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The Batman Director Reveals How the New Joker Differs From Heath Ledger’s

The Batman director Matt Reeves explained how Barry Keoghan's Joker is different from Heath Ledger's version from The Dark Knight.

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Justice League's Ray Fisher Slams WB Execs Following The Batman's Release

Ray Fisher called out Warner Bros. executives after the opening weekend for The Batman.

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How The Batman Accidentally Spoiled Riddler's Plot Twist a Month Before Release

Did the Before the Batman prequel novel spoil a major Riddler twist in The Batman?

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The Batman Director Reveals Plot of Cancelled Gotham Police Spin-off

The Batman director Matt Reeves confirmed that the Gotham PD spinoff series on HBO Max was "put on hold."

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The Batman: Barry Keoghan Breaks Silence on [SPOILERS]

Barry Keoghan gave his first quotes about his rumored role in The Batman.

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Why Is The Batman So Long? New Report Explains Questionable Runtime Decision

A new report has indicated that there was once a shorter version of The Batman, but it tested poorly compared to the longer one.

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Warner Bros. Exec Reveals the Secret to DC's Future After The Batman

Warner Bros. executive Toby Emmerich speaks about a push for a filmmaker-driven future for DC movies.

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Dwayne Johnson Reacts to The Batman Movie's Success

Dwayne Johnson celebrated The Batman's success following its theatrical debut.

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The Batman: 8 Major Ways Ben Affleck's Hero Differs From Robert Pattinson's

With The Batman hitting theaters worldwide, why not take a look at how Robert Pattinson's and Ben Affleck's versions of the Dark Knight differ.

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Warner Bros. Reportedly Changes Plans for The Batman's Arkham Asylum ‘Horror’ Spin-off

The Batman’s director Matt Reeves has confirmed a drastic change in the upcoming Gotham PD series that sees it shift focus onto Arkham Asylum.

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The Batman Movie Is Already Smashing Records at the Box Office

The Batman earns the highest opening box office haul of 2022.

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All 8 DC Villains Who Get Teased In The Batman Movie

The Batman teased eight villains to appear in future movies in Matt Reeves' universe.

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The Batman: How Robert Pattinson's Eye Makeup Helped Him Win His Audition

The Batman director Matt Reeves revealed how Robert Pattinson's eye makeup helped score the actor his iconic role.

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Every Superhero Movie Coming In 2022, Ranked by Excitement Level

The Direct staff ranks every comic book movie in 2022 based on how excited we are.

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The Batman Director Teases Joker's Role In HBO Max Spin-off

Matt Reeves broke the silence regarding Barry Keoghan's involvement in the future of his The Batman universe.

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