The Batman's Colin Farrell Reveals When HBO Max Spin-off Starts Filming

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Death, Taxes, and Batman.

The Batman burst onto the scene on March 4th of this year. Giving Warner Brothers a sigh of relief as their cornerstone IP produced another critical and financial success. Robert Pattinson proved to fans that he could carry one of Hollywood's most coveted roles. Along with the Caped Crusader, Matt Reeves was able to introduce engaging side characters that fans want more of. 

Among those characters is one of the most iconic of the Batman rogues gallery. Colin Farrell's Penguin was a scene stealer throughout the film and was left in a position to reward his performance with his own project. Shortly after The Batman hit theaters, Warner Brothers announced that Ferel would star in a Penguin spinoff series on HBO Max. 

While the DCEU soldiers on with Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods this year, they seem to be taking their time with their else-world Gotham City. 

When Does DC's Penguin Show Start Filming?

Collin Farrell

In a recent interview, Colin Farrell was asked about an update on his upcoming Penguin series.

Farrell stated he was busy for the remainder of the year but is set to begin filming for The Batman spin-off next February:

"There’s something I’m going to do here in LA between now & Christmas. I think next February will start."

Farrell also stated that he got a look at the script and seemed to be very excited. Praising the direction,  the actor described it as "so tasty."

"I read the first script of what I think will be six or eight hours. It was so tasty. I was just kind of: Fu*k, nice."

Penguin is currently set to release on HBO Max and centers around Farell's Oswald Cobblepot, capitalizing on the emergency state of Gotham City. 

The Batman Universe Is Expanding

There is a rough history of Warner Bros. attempting to build a cinematic universe. After a promising start with 2013's Man of Steel, it seemed that the DCEU was being structured as a darker and more dramatic DC alternative to the MCU. But after the success of Avengers, there was pressure to immediately compete with Marvel Studios. 

That led to Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League being released in less than 24 months. Seemingly expediting what was once a long-term plan

Fast forward 5 years and Marvel is creating Disney+ series for C-tier characters with success, while fans aren't 100% sure who will be playing Superman in the DCEU. While their existing universe attempts to reclaim its footing, Matt Reeves seems to be building something special outside the DCEU. 

The Batman is presented as an else-world story that has no in-universe connections to other DC films (such as Black Adam and The Flash). So the development of Penguin receiving a streaming series implies that Warner Bros. is planning to expand off this box office hit with their own "Reeves-Verse". 

They also seem to be learning their lessons from past mistakes. With Penguin not being set to begin filming until February 2023, the long game seems to be in motion.

Another aspect of The Batman that caters to world-building is the presentation of Gotham City as its own character. Being able to have a series where Penguin navigates the flooded disaster of the Riddler attacks will not only develop Colin Farrell's mobster but the City he will be attempting to rule as well. 

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