Robert Pattinson's The Batman Trilogy Receives Exciting Development Update

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Robert Pattinson's The Batman Trilogy

Back in mid-March, the question of a sequel to Matt Reeves' The Batman was one of ‘when’ not ‘if’. That has all changed as things continue to be ever more volatile at Warner Bros. Discovery. As Discovery takes hold of WB, strategies have shifted, causing the cancellation of DC projects like Batgirl

At this point, it feels like nothing is safe, as Warner continues to figure out what they want to do with the DCEU. Talk of a new ten-year plan has been reported upon from the studio, with somewhat of a reset happening for their super-powered ventures. 

All this has gotten fans of The Batman worried about a potential sequel, especially with the teases for more than came in the first film. Well, it seems that worry may be for naught, as WB looks poised for more of Reeves' Batverse. 

The Batman Trilogy is on the WB Books

Batman, Robert Pattinson

During a Twitter Spaces between Fandango's Erik Davis and The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez, the pair offered an exciting update on a follow-up to this year's The Batman.

After addressing the cancelation of Batgirl and the general realignment of Warner Bros. Discovery's DC strategy, Davis asked "Is [Robert] Pattinson the guy [to continue to be the DC's Batman]?" despite director Matt Reeves' expressed desire to "do a trilogy."

Gonzalez answered, "Of course. Why wouldn't they?" He went on to call the first film "a success," saying he is "pretty sure that they're going to let Reeves do his trilogy:"

Davis: "Is [Robert] Pattinson the guy [to continue to be the DC's Batman]? That was an old regime move too, that first Batman movie. Really good, I loved it. A little divisive for some people, maybe not as accessible for some people. I know [Matt] Reeves wants to do a trilogy. We talked to Pattinson, he wants to do a trilogy. He wants to do a whole arc as Bruce Wayne. Do you think that they stay the course?"

Gonzalez: "Of course. Why wouldn't they? The first movie was a success, so I'm pretty sure that they're going to let Reeves do his trilogy. That Batman in that universe will continue going forward."

Warner Bros. Gets One Right

WB knows what they have in The Batman universe and will seemingly make the right decision when it comes to moving forward with a sequel and its potential spin-offs. For those worried about The Batman 2 getting the ax, take a deep breath, it seems that Warner has seen the golden goose they have with this take on the character and will not touch it. 

One thing they should avoid though is thinking that The Batman is the solution to their overall DC problems. Just because the Robert Pattinson-led version of the Dark Knight worked, it does not mean they should go all in with this universe, introducing the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash into this gothic, moody world. 

Now, how does one then incorporate the character into the greater DCEU? That is the million-dollar question. It might be smart to cast a second Batman/Bruce Wayne specifically for DCEU projects. That way the studio can avoid any tonal dissonance that could come from Robert Pattinson’s brooding caped crusader shaking hands with a rebooted bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Superman

For now, though, Batman fans can take a deep breath as more of the Reeve-verse is on the way.

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