First Look at The Batman's Next Riddler Prequel Covers (Photos)

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The Batman introduced a new dangerous foe for Robert Pattinson's titular hero in the form of Paul Dano's Edward Nashton a.k.a. The Riddler, the second time this villain has been used in a live-action movie. The movie portrayed the villain as a serial killer who preys upon Gotham City's elite while also taunting Batman and the GCPD with threats and riddles. 

While The Batman did successfully showcase how formidable the Riddler is, very little was revealed about the character's backstory, particularly since he largely shone in the second half of the story. However, DC Comics found a solution by featuring the origin story of Nashton in a prequel comic that is written by Dano himself. 

Now, an exciting new update about the aforementioned comic has emerged online. 

Fresh Looks at The Batman's Riddler Comic Revealed 

DC Comics, via The Comic Book Dispatch, officially unveiled the first look at The Batman's prequel tie-in covers featuring Paul Dano's The Riddler. 

Written by Paul Dano, The Riddler # 2 is set to continue to chronicle the origin story of Edward Nashton in The Batman universe as he tries to hold on to his own sanity while centered on his own investigation. 

This variant cover perfectly captures Nashton's obsession with Batman, which is a preview of how the pair will end up on opposite sides in the Matt Reeves-directed film: 

The Direct Image
DC Comics

Nashton appears to imagine his own future in this variant cover as he sees a figment of himself in The Batman

The Direct Image
DC Comics

The Riddler succumbs to his Batman obsession, fully embracing the madness:

The Direct Image
DC Comics

In The Batman, Nashton taunted the Dark Knight through terrifying videos shot via an iPhone, and this cover appears to be a preview of that approach: 

The Direct Image
DC Comics

The Riddler # 2 is set to be released on Tuesday, December 27 at a price of $4.99. 

The full synopsis teases more exploration of Nasthon's "obsession" with the Wayne family: 

Writer Paul Dano continues the origin tale of the character he portrayed in Matt Reeves’s The Batman. As brilliant forensic accountant Edward Nashton follows the trail of illegal payments and front companies, holding on to his own sanity becomes ever more challenging. Disturbing childhood memories that include an obsession with Thomas Wayne threaten to derail him. Meanwhile, his investigation focuses on a low-level human cog in the crime machine, which leads him to a shocking conclusion that may put his own life at risk.

Variant cover by STEVAN SUBIC
1:25 variant cover by JORGE FORNÉS
1:50 variant cover by KENT WILLIAMS
$4.99 US | 32 pages | 2 of 6 (all covers are card stock)
ON SALE 12/27/22

Will This Prequel Comic Reveal More Batman Easter Eggs?

The Riddler # 2 offers plenty of opportunities to explore Edward Nashton's descent into madness before ultimately transforming into a full-fledged villain in The Batman. In addition, it also gives readers a chance to uncover the character's humanity. 

Meanwhile, the variant covers presented by DC Comics perfectly embody the character's disturbing mentality and clear obsession with Batman. Moreover, it also gives off an eery vibe that is quite similar to the villain's debut in the movie. 

Although Riddler's return is already being teased in a future sequel, it's possible that this prequel comic could tease more details about the villain's portrayal. From his radically different look to the creation of his own Saw-like traps, The Riddler # 2 will look to add more tidbits about the villain before his eventual comeback.

The Batman is available to stream on HBO Max.

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