Robert Pattinson's The Batman Receives Comic-Accurate DC Poster

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After multiple live-action iterations, Robert Pattinson's The Batman is set to provide a fresh new take on The Dark Knight. The upcoming DCEU entry has been confirmed to explore the second year of Bruce Wayne's dual life as Gotham's protector, which is a period that has yet to be explored on the film side of things. 

This makes the movie a one-of-a-kind Batman adventure since it's poised to show the Caped Crusader making mistakes and having second thoughts on how to defend Gotham. In conjunction with that, The Batman writer Matt Tomlin previously revealed that the film will do a deep dive into Bruce's tragic backstory, hinting that “everything that he’s doing [as Batman] is a reaction to that [trauma].”

Now, a new promotional image for The Batman has emerged, revealing a fascinating look at the titular character. 


Comic book artist Leo Bermejo shared an official poster for Matt Reeves' The Batman, showcasing an animated take on the titular character that closely resembled the cover of Batman: Year One.  

"THE BATMAN poster. After master David Mazzucchelli. Finally going to be offering VERY limited editions of some covers, illustrations, and completely new images as collectible lithos. Look for more info coming very soon."


Frank Miller's Batman: Year One is an iconic story that essentially propelled the character to greater heights, so it's fitting that The Batman pays homage to it through this latest promotional poster. Year One is known for its gritty and grounded approach, and The Batman appears to borrow these key elements from the comic, as evidenced by the film's first trailer from DC FanDome. 

In the trailer, The Caped Crusader's brutal approach in dealing with The Penguin's gang was one of the biggest takeaways, showing off the haunting and savage nature of the character in the film. In canon, it makes narrative sense for Batman to go all-out in terms of battling criminals, considering that this is only his second year protecting Gotham. This means that Bruce is still trying to find his identity as a hero, and this aspect will no doubt be explored in the upcoming DCEU movie. 

The ruthless nature of Batman has been featured numerous times in live-action, ranging from Ben Affleck's portrayal in Dawn of Justice all the way to Christian Bale's “monstrous” iteration in The Dark Knight trilogy. However, Pattinson's take on the DC icon will be a must-see because it has the potential to reveal what really happens to a hero who is still trying to find his footing in a crime-ridden city. 

This definitely opens up a myriad of intriguing possibilities, and it will be exciting to find out how it unfolds when The Batman premieres on March 4, 2022. 

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