HBO Max Releases Funny New Promo to Celebrate The Batman on Streaming

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While the wait continues for Warner Bros' next round of both streaming and theatrical projects, fans can now view Matt Reeves' The Batman in its entirety on HBO Max. The Robert Pattinson-led reboot impressed at the global box office, currently standing with more than $750 million worldwide in the hero's third live-action iteration of the 21st century.

On top of the film's financial success, The Batman was a hit with critics and fans alike, who even compared it to director Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy in terms of its quality and grounded nature. Featuring a quartet of top-notch Caped Crusader adversaries such as Colin Farrell's Penguin and Paul Dano's Riddler, this new solo epic delivered a story fans will revisit often.

Now that The Batman is available to stream on HBO Max, the streaming service is using the film to help promote nearly a dozen other DC outings available to watch while it helps hype the newest addition to the family. Helping with that is a new ad promoting the film's arrival on HBO Max, although it's one that provides a few laughs in the process.

HBO Max Goes Funny with Batman Ad

HBO Max's Latin American division released an ad promoting The Batman, which began streaming on the service on April 18, on YouTube. This ad brought plenty of laughs as the company celebrated the first live-action DC movie of 2021.

The clip first zooms in on a small Batman action figure standing on a bookshelf before moving to shots of computers and a version of the Batman cowl.

The Batman HBO Max Ad

The shot then moves to a couple coming up to one another dressed as Batman and Catwoman from the film, shortly after a makeshift Bat-symbol shines on the wall. As Batman looks into the rain, Catwoman starts caressing his body before finding the remote control in his utility belt.

The Batman HBO Max Ad

Finally, the shot pans down to show that they're both wearing pajama pants with socks on the bottom before they get comfortable on the couch to watch the new movie together.

HBO Max The Batman ad

The full 60-second spot can be seen below: 


Batsuit or Pajamas for The Batman Viewing?

While The Batman itself didn't include a ton of humorous moments, HBO Max certainly utilized its own sense of humor to help promote its newest movie to begin streaming. The contrast between the dark and powerful costumes used in the movie against two pairs of plaid pajama pants and fuzzy socks is enough to make anybody let out a chuckle.

Even with how funny this ad is, the footage does its job in getting fans ready for the nearly three hours of action from this film now streaming for the world to see. It also comes with nearly half an hour of extra footage, allowing fans to dive deeper into how this film was made, which all comes before the Blu-ray disc brings nearly a dozen other extra features to enjoy.

Along with deleted footage of Barry Keoghan's Joker and other stories expanding on the Riddler in other media, the film's full streaming debut should keep DC fans busy for the foreseeable future.

The Batman is now streaming on HBO Max.

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