Did The Batman Just Tease Joker’s Prison Escape With This Deleted Easter Egg?

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The Batman recently hit theaters, and it’s been doing very well for itself. The Matt Reeves directed film stars Robert Pattinson in the lead role, with his Dark Knight taking on Paul Dano’s Riddler. Reception has generally been glowing, and fans are anxious to know what may be next. One of the biggest teases the movie had in that regard was the inclusion of Barry Keoghan’s Joker towards the very end of the story.

The Joker is a big name, one which has become basically mandatory to include in every Batman adaptation. Recently, a five-minute deleted scene featuring the classic villain in The Batman was released online.

It’s an exciting watch, no doubt about it—but it may hold something very significant: the first clue as to what The Batman 2 might have in store for audiences.

A Joker Arkham Escape Incoming?

Recently, a five-minute deleted scene from The Batman featuring Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader and Barry Keoghan’s Joker was released by Warner Bros.

The sequence features the titular hero visiting the famous clown as he looks for some insight as to who The Riddler is.

However, underneath the surface of everything happening, there’s something else that fans have noticed.

The stack of papers that Batman gives Joker has a few paper clips keeping all of them together.

Batman, Joker
Warner Bros.

Later in the scene, however, one can be seen clearly missing.

Batman, Joker
Warner Bros.

Did Joker steal the paper clip when Batman wasn't paying attention? Assuming that this wasn't an ignorant mistake by the filmmakers, this very well could be fans’ first tease of the insane villain gathering tools for his impending prison break from Arkham Asylum.

The entire scene can be viewed here.

The Batman Tricked By A Jokester

Let’s get this out there first: this could easily have been a simple continuity error. Movies are usually filmed out of order, with each angle being performed several times. That can sometimes lead to things not lining up—including a vanishing paper clip.

But say this is, in fact, an Easter Egg. What does it mean? Well, the obvious is how a paper clip is generally seen as a way out of handcuffs, at least in fictitious stories.

Meaning, Joker now has a way out—or he’s starting his planning at the very least. Reeves has been vocal about how fans shouldn’t expect the infamous clown to be the focus of the sequel, but it would be hard to see how he won’t factor into that world in a big way going forward.

His one scene in the final cut of the movie showed him hinting at some sort of team up with Paul Dano’s crazy villain; the potential start of a terrifying partnership. Maybe he’ll end up sharing that paper clip, and any of his plans to get out, with his new bestie.

On the other hand, there’s the chance that Keoghan’s twisted criminal doesn’t actually intend on leaving his incarceration. Maybe he’ll end up taking over the asylum, trapping Batman within its walls, and releasing all of Arkham’s inmates. Think something akin to the Batman: Arkham Asylum game.

The Batman is playing in theaters worldwide.

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