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Spider-Man, Hulk & More Featured In New Trailer For Marvel Studios' What If...?

Spider-man Tony Stark Killmonger
By Liam Crowley

Phase 4 is changing the very fabric of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Even only six months in, Marvel Studios has released their first, second, and third streaming shows to kick off Phase 4 of the MCU. Another first is on the way as the studio's inagural animated series is set for a Disney+ drop soon.

What If...? will act as an anthology series, following one-off stories inspired by events in the MCU with one slight change. What if the Ravagers kidnapped T'Challa instead of Peter Quill? What if Peggy Carter received the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers? What if Tony Stark was never held hostage in hte Middle East?

Marvel Studios announced the series as far back as 2019's San Diego Comic Con, showing off a couple of still images from the animated adventure. The series was kept largely in the dark since then, until this past December at Disney Investor Day when a debut trailer dropped.

Seven months and three Phase 4 projects later, What If...? has received a new trailer coupled with an official release date.


Marvel's What If Poster

Marvel Studios has released a new trailer and posterr for the upcoming Disney+ animated adventure What If..?

Hulk What If

Marvel's first dive into animation will give fans looks at a myriad of episodes coming in the series, including T'Challa as Star-Lord, Tony Stark alongside Erik Killmonger, Captain Peggy Carter, and much more. Most notably, Tony Stark has been re-cast to a new voice actor.

The series also received an official release date of August 11, 2021 on Disney+.

The teaser can be seen below:



Spider-Man What If

Fans were aware of a couple of What If...? storylines before this trailer, but the latest footage adds so much more.

This trailer fittingly kicks off with the very scene that started the MCU in 2008. A new voice actor for Tony Stark throws up gang signs for a photo-op before his Humvee is hit with a missile. But this time, instead of getting shrapnel in his heart from a nearby explosion, Erik Killmonger pops into frame and throws the missile into the mountains and away from the genius billionaire. Is a Killmonger/Stark team-up on the way?

More new footage includes a new version of 2012's Avengers line-up, this time including T'Challa Star-Lord, Gamora armed with Thanos's Endgame blade, Black Panther, and Thor. Loki makes his glorious return, this time as an animated Variant commanding an Asgardian army opposite Nick Fury on Earth. Captain Carter confronts an evil version of Doctor Strange, implying the female Super Soldier will somehow turn up in modern day. 

Veteran actor Jeffrey Wright narrates over the footage. The Batman star is set to voice The Watcher, a cosmic being that overlooks the universe. While this series operates outside of the MCU's Sacred Timeline, The Watcher will act as connective tissue throughout the individual episodes.

Despite these animated installments presumably being one-offs, it looks like there might be a consistent storyline throughout the season. Captain Carter makes appearances in both World War II settings and opposite Doctor Strange, implying she'll pop up multiple times. The same goes for T'Challa Star-Lord, who can be seen ravaging about with Yondu as well as teaming up with the new-look Avengers.

What If...? premieres on Disney+ on August 11.

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