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The Batman: First Look at Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne Leaks

Robert Pattinson Bruce Wayne, The Batman logo.
By Trey Tobias

The Batman is DC's newest addition to their decades-long Batman franchise. With Robert Pattinson set to don the Caped Crusader's cowl, fans are eager to get any new looks at the actor's iteration of the character, and now some leaked film still seem to provide just that.


Some new looks at Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne in The Batman have leaked online ahead of its panel at DC FanDome. The images can be seen in the tweets below.

The photos feature Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in a suit at somewhere that looks like a courtroom, as well as Bruce Wayne silhouetted in the Batcave, and Bruce Wayne fresh out of the Batsuit.


With these images floating around, it looks as if The Batman is finally ready to reveal some new footage apart from the small teaser released earlier this year. Robert Pattinson is definitely channeling the rage and inner struggles of Bruce Wayne in these images, with the fury of vengeance seemingly seething just below Wayne's stoicism.

The film definitely keeps with the dark visuals that Batman fans are used to seeing, with the colorscale of the shots being black, white, and grey, which mirror not only the superhero's costume, but Bruce Wayne's worldview as well.

The Batcave seems to also have been reinvented, featuring a much more grounded and minimalistic headquarter design for Gotham's vigilante than previous iterations.

It will definitely be exciting to see what else DC FanDome will share of the film, and from the looks of these leaked photos, The Batman will definitely be paving its own path on the Dark Knight's legacy.