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Star Wars Reveals New Character Posters & Footage for Book of Boba Fett

Boba Fett Show and Fennec Shand
By Tom Drew

Star Wars' next live-action endeavor is The Book of Boba Fett, following on from the bounty hunter's Disney+ adventures in The MandalorianLaunching on the service on December 29, 2021, the seven-episode series will follow Temuera Morrison's Boba Fett as he mops up Tatooine's criminal underworld alongside Ming-Na Wen's Fennec Shand. 

The show's first trailer revealed that the fan-favorite bounty hunter wants to rule over Jabba's former domain "with respect" in addition to some of the new faces that he will be encountering on his journey. Subsequent teasers and TV spots have provided more glimpses at Boba Fett's solo show, including more shots of the desert planet of Tatooine and a returning location from Star Wars Battlefront.

Behind-the-scenes promotional images have also been unveiled, showing off Temuera Morrison, Ming-Na Wen, and executive producer Jon Favreau on The Book of Boba Fett's impressive set.

Now, a few more pieces of promotional material have been released ahead of the show's Disney+ premiere.

New Boba Fett Posters and Footage Revealed

Star Wars revealed two new posters from The Book of Boba Fett, featuring the Disney+ series' leads of the titular bounty hunter and Fennec Shand:

The Book of Boba Fett Poster 1
Star Wars

Temuera Morrison's Boba Fett stands stoically in his refitted armor, surrounded by the orange sands of Tatooine.

The Book of Boba Fett Poster 2 Fennec Shand
Star Wars

Meanwhile, Ming-Na Wen's Fennec Shand returns with her costume from The Mandalorian, ready to aid her partner Boba with ruling over Tatooine "with respect."

In addition to the new posters, a brand-new TV spot was posted that includes new footage of Boba in a bacta tank and an extended shot of the bounty hunter flailing an electro-charged weapon:


Boba Fett's Star Wars Callbacks

As with most of the promotion so far, these sandstorm-filled posters heavily suggest that Boba Fett's adventures will be taking place primarily on Tatooine. Though the barren dunes of a desert planet may not seem all that exciting at first, The Mandalorian showed that there are still interesting and untapped areas of Tatooine that fans are not privy to.

One notable shot from the new teaser depicts Boba in a bacta tank, a cylindrical tank that heals its occupants first seen used by Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. Perhaps the bounty hunter was placed in the bacta tank after his encounter with the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi, using its properties to recover from his injuries.

As Temuera Morrison's character looks to be the same age as he does throughout the rest of the footage though, it is more likely that this is taking place around the same time as the events of The Book of Boba Fett. Boba could be using the device after a dangerous encounter in the show or perhaps may require occasional bacta submersion due to his clone origins.

Fans will be able to find out just why the bacta tank is back when The Book of Boba Fett blasts onto Disney+ on December 29, 2021.