Timothy Olyphant Breaks Silence on Book of Boba Fett Twist

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Timothy Olyphant Book of Boba Fett

Timothy Olyphant, the actor behind Cobb Vanth himself and who was first introduced in The Mandalorian, commented on his character's fate in the Star Wars universe.

The last time viewers saw Timothy Olyphant’s Cobb Vanth was during The Book of Boba Fett, where the character had been shot down by Cad Bane. The post-credits scene for the show’s first season even focused on the sheriff, which revealed his body being healed in a bacta tank while also potentially in the midst of getting some new mods.

If the character was important enough to get his own tag, it would seem to indicate that he’ll be showing up again at some point.

However, fans still don’t have any idea when that might be.

Olyphant Speaks Out About Cobb Vanth

Cobb Vanth, Star Wars

In an interview with TVLine, The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett star Timothy Olyphant broke his silence on the fate of his character, Cobb Vanth.

When asked if he was going to make an appearance in Season 3 of Star Wars’ flagship Disney+ show, the actor had his lips sealed shut.

Olyphant joked that “[they would] know that world better than [he does],” and how “if [he] knew anything, [he] wouldn’t say shit.”

Cobb Vanth’s Imminent Return?

Given the popularity of Cobb Vanth as a character, there’s a good chance he’ll be returning sooner rather than later. The Mandalorian’s third season seems like the perfect point to do so.

One big hint toward this possibility is how Mando is set to visit Mos Eisley, where Boba Fett currently resides. It’s also where Cobb Vanth still resides, with the character being a point of connection between the two big bounty hunters and their respective allies.

But why go and visit Cobb now if that’s the case?

Perhaps Pedro Pascal’s hero is looking to recruit some friends for whatever plans he has in store for Mandalore. Boba Fett would be one of Mando’s obvious first choices, which would naturally lead to asking Cobb Vanth as well.

Season 3 of The Mandalorian premieres on Wednesday, March 1, so fans don’t have a long wait to see how these events will play out.

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