The Mandalorian Season 3 Reveals New Posters Featuring Bo-Katan & More

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Paz Vizsla, The Armorer, Bo-Katan Kryze, Din Djarin, and Grogu from The Mandalorian

Ahead of the highly anticipated return of The Mandalorian to Disney+, the company released new posters to celebrate the return of this worldwide sensation.

The Mandalorian has become a phenomenon worldwide, sparking a brand new corner of the galaxy that was before unexplored and underutilized. Director Rick Famuyiwa already teased that Season 3 will see Din Djarin come to terms with "all of the decisions he has made."

Of course, Disney is no stranger to marketing, and with The Mandalorian only a month away, the company has already begun ramping up its promotional campaign.

An official poster was already released in January, alongside an official trailer that smashed Disney+ Star Wars records when it got 83.5 million views in its first 24 hours after premiering.

Now, as the return of Mando inches closer every day, Disney revealed a series of new posters featuring some of the key players for the third installment of The Mandalorian.

New Posters for The Mandalorian Season 3

Lucasfilm released six new posters for The Mandalorian Season 3, which teases the upcoming season's main characters.

Characters such as Din Djarin, The Armorer, Bo Katan-Kryze, and Grogu are all prominent in this poster run. These posters tease the considerable role that Mandalorians will play as Din Djarin travels to Mandalore and showcase the Nubian Starfighter he was given in The Book of Boba Fett.

A squad of Mandalorians all clad in Beskar feature on this poster.

Paz Viszla, The Armorer, Bo-Katan Kryze, Din Djarin

Din Djarin and Bo Katan Kryze take flight, as this poster shows the pair using their jetpacks.

Bo Katan Kryze, Din Djarin

Viral sensation Grogu is seen in his hovering pram and wearing the Beskar armor he was given in The Book of Boba Fett.


The fan-favorite father and son duo melt hearts as Din Djarin holds onto his small son tightly.

Din Djarin, Grogu

A determined Mando flies his Nubian Starfighter, as Grogu stares at the galaxy, far, far away, with a sense of awe.

Din Djarin and Grogu flying in a starfighter

Grogu and Din are ready for anything, as this poster teases the adventures ahead.

Nubian Starfighter and Grogu

These posters and more all feature in a poster book celebrating the upcoming season of The Mandalorian, including former disgraced magistrate and ally to Din Djarin, Greef Karga.

Collection of Mandalorian posters featuring Grogu, Din Djarin, and Greef Karga

Lucasfilm Teases Huge Role for Paz Vizsla

The Mandalorian brought many old favorites to the forefront. Characters like Bo-Katan Kryze and Ahsoka Tano have existed for years in animation. Still, they got their big breaks when they finally appeared in live-action in The Mandalorian and reached an even bigger audience.

However, the show has also introduced plenty of new characters, like Din Djarin, Grogu, and Greef Karga, all of whom are set to appear in the upcoming season.

Another new face was Paz Vizsla, a relation of Pre Vizsla, who fans will remember from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where he served as the leader of Death Watch. Both are also members of Clan Vizsla.

It seems that Star Wars are pushing Paz Vizsla to the forefront, which makes sense, given his ancestry.

Clan Vizsla are descendants of Mandalorian-Jedi Tarre Vizsla. Tarre Vizsla was also the creator of the Darksaber and Mand'alore, meaning he was the leader of Mandalore.

At the time of The Mandalorian, the people of Mandalore believe that the person who wields the Darksaber and wins it in combat becomes the rightful ruler of Mandalore. For generations, it was passed down to descendants of Tarre Vizsla but has more recently bounced from wielder to wielder.

Therefore, it makes sense that Disney seems to be pushing this particular Mandalorian to the forefront. Likely, he will be vying for what he probably feels is his birthright, as the Darksaber is currently in Din Djarin's possession. 

If true, the third season of The Mandalorian may feature some epic showdowns between different groups, and this will surely delight Star Wars fans everywhere.

The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday, March 1.

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