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Ms. Marvel Actress Reveals What Fans Can Expect From Disney+ Show

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By Russ Milheim

Disney+ has been one of Marvel Studios' secret weapons when it comes to the expansion in Phase 4 of the MCU; in fact, the service is set to introduce some big heroes such as She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel to audiences for the first time. WandaVision was the first series to hit Disney+ earlier this year couldn't have done better––Disney even walked away with Emmy's.

This year's final show, Hawkeye, is currently airing. The series only has two more installments before Marvel Studios' 2021 is officially over.

Then comes 2022, which is potentially going to be an even bigger year. Shows such as She-Hulk and Moon Knight will likely be up first and then projects like Secret Invasion and Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special rounding it all out. In between them will be the introduction of the MCU's first Pakistani American superhero: Ms. Marvel.

Initially set to have been released this year, Kamala Khan's debut project Ms. Marvel looks to be hitting the service next summer. Iman Vellani will be bringing the new MCU mainstay to life,

At the red carpet premiere for Spider-Man: No Way Home, newcomers from the show were there to talk about what they are excited for the fans to see when the show eventually airs.

Ms. Marvel's Touching Story

At the red carpet premiere for Spider-Man: No Way HomeMs. Marvel star Yasmeen Fletcher, who plays Nakia Bahadir in the show, spoke with Variety, where the actress teased what fans shoukd expect from the show when it airs on Disney+ in Summer 2022.

Fletcher mentioned how she hopes "it represents everybody as well as [they hope]," and noteed that the show has "a really great story:"

"I'm just hoping that it represents everybody as well as we want it to, and everybody feels touched by the story as much as we are, and everybody cares about it as much as we do. Cause it's a really great story,"

Representation Continues at Marvel Studios

Marvel has certainly been making up for any lack of representation that may have been occurring in the Infinity Saga with its phase four releases and beyond.

There's the upcoming Ms. MarvelHawkeye sets the stage for the deaf Native-American hero Maya Lopez to get her own show Echo, and Eternals' cast is a piece of art.

When it comes to Kamala's debut, the character is potentially undergoing some significant changes, changes which may cause discourse that might overshadow all of the fantastic representation at work. Hopefully, however, everything works out, and Ms. Marvel becomes an instant favorite.

After all, the hero is set to take the stage with Brie Larson's Captain Marvel and Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau in 2023's The Marvels, where Iman Vellani's hero will get to meet and team up with her idol. The character is certainly going to be hitting the ground running.

Marvel Studios' next project, Spider-Man: No Way Home, releases in theaters worldwide on December 17.