Natalie Portman's Thor Nearly Included In Disney+'s Ms. Marvel (Photo)

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Natalie Portman Ms. Marvel

Natalie Portman's Jane Foster shockingly appeared in a newly revealed set design photo from Disney+'s first season of Ms. Marvel

Portman's astrophysicist took on the powers of Thor himself in Thor: Love and Thunder, but she seemingly died and went to Valhalla in that movie's post-credits sequence The future for her MCU hero is currently unknown with no confirmed next appearance on the docket. 

Portman has said she is "open to anything" when it comes to another MCU return, but with her character having only appeared in Thor films up to this point, the next Asgardian adventure could be years away.

But what if she had appeared in another project from this past summer? Well, a newly revealed set photo from Ms. Marvel shows that Jane Foster's Mighty Thor made a small cameo in Kamala Khan's high school adventure. 

Jane Foster Was in Ms. Marvel

A Ms. Marvel set design photo, posted by production designer Natasha Gerasimova on her portfolio site, revealed that Natalie Portman's Jane Foster (aka Mighty Thor) made a small appearance in the series (or at least did at one point or another in production). 

Ms Marvel DODC Set Photo 1
Natasha Gerasimova

The image offered a closer look at the Department of Damage Control (DODC) office seen in the series finale.

Ms Marvel DODC Set Photo 2
Natasha Gerasimova

On one side of the room is a large bulletin board that sports pictures of all sorts of small MCU Easter Eggs, one of which being a pinned photo of Portman's Mighty Thor. 

Jane Foster Head Shot
Marvel Studios

The picture seems to be a shot of the ill-fated Love and Thunder hero ripped straight out of the film.

Ms Marvel Bulletin Board
Marvel Studios

However, what is fascinating is that when looking at the same bulletin board in the Ms. Marvel final, Jane Foster's headshot is noticeably absent. 

Why Was Jane Foster on the DODC's Wall?

So why the heck was Jane Foster DODC bulletin board material? That is the million-dollar question. 

Of course, the DODC has been tasked with keeping tabs on super-powered beings within the MCU. If Jane Foster got powered up right around the same time as Ms. Marvel's finale, then they would for sure have her on their radar. But that timing is the key point to note.

At some point or another, the Ms. Marvel team decided against leaving the photo up on the wall and replaced it with something else. Perhaps this was because Marvel Studios did not want to date exactly where the Disney+ series took place in the timeline to Love and Thunder

The MCU brain trust can be finicky with the in-universe calendar, so much so that they recently hired an official timeline keeper for the franchise. So it would make sense that they would not want to paint themselves in a corner by saying at the time of Ms. Marvel's final episode Jane Foster has undergone her Asgardian transformation

Ms. Marvel and Thor: Love and Thunder are streaming now on Disney+.

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