Chris Hemsworth's Thor & Natalie Portman's Jane Are Back In Love In New Thor 4 Set Photos

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MCU Cosmic is a sector of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has grown into a unique and special corner of the world's biggest movie franchise. In 2021, Marvel Studios has added to the off-Earth universe with entries like Loki and Eternals, expanding the cosmic side of the MCU in ways no one could have ever imagined.

Heading into 2022, they look to continue that effort with projects like Thor: Love and Thunder. The character that introduced fans to the world beyond this delicate blue rock is the first character to receive a fourth title installment.

With the cliffhanger from Avengers: Endgame setting the God of Thunder off with the Guardians of the Galaxy, many believed this story would be the first to take place completely outside of Earth's atmosphere. But with the news of Natalie Portman re-joining the franchise as Jane Foster, it was all but confirmed Thor would be making his way back around to the planet he loves so much. 

Taika Waititi is back to direct this film and, for the first time, work with Portman in a franchise she helped build - one that Waititi helped resurrect. While filming has been going on for a while with big-name stars coming in and out of production in Australia, fans in Los Angeles recently caught glimpses behind the scenes.

In the most recent array of set photos, Thor is back with Portman and they seem to revert back to the romance the two had shared in the past. 

Thor Odinson and Jane Foster, Together Again

Thor Love and Thunder, Jane Foster

In a recent round of set photos from the Twitter account @LoveAndThunderNews, Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman were seen holding hands, eating hot dogs, and wearing their respective Thor and Jane Foster wigs (resembling those featured in 2013's Thor: The Dark World) while filming on a Los Angeles street for Thor: Love and Thunder.

This furthers the popular theory that Thor: Love And Thunder will feature flashbacks that show the couple before their off-screen breakup between 2015 and 2017. 


The Return To Thor: The Dark World?

One of the founding relationships in the MCU is that of Thor and Jane Foster. This love affair began in 2011’s Thor and was the central focus of the franchise through Thor: The Dark World. Jane does not appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron but is mentioned with seeming pride by Thor at Tony Stark's party.

Then… it happened. The off-screen breakup was the result of the off-screen drama between Natalie Portman and Marvel Studios. Portman was not very happy when Marvel Studios split ways with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, who was originally slotted to direct the Thor sequel. 

Despite the creative differences between Portman and Marvel Studios, both parties claim that Jane Foster’s absence in the third Thor film was an amicable and pre-determined decision. When Portman returned for a hyper-brief cameo in Avengers: Endgame, the internet believed that the door had been cracked and the return of Jane Foster was imminent.

And then… IT happened. Taika Waititi got on stage in San Diego in 2019 and announced that not only will Portman be back for Thor: Love and Thunder, but she will be wielding Mjolnir. This meant that Marvel Studios was adapting the Jane Foster-led Thor comic, The Mighty Thor.

These set photos, however, give fans the first indication that they will see Thor and Jane back as a couple, and not just counterparts. Their hand-holding is a sight for many sore eyes who shipped the MCU’s first Rom-Com couple. 

Now, the wigs make these photos very interesting. Both Hemsworth and Portman seem to be rocking the same hairstyles from their last on-screen romantic appearance together in Thor: The Dark World.  This heavily suggests that flashbacks will play a role in finding out what has happened to Jane Foster between then and now, and why she is worthy of lifting Mjolnir. 

Either way, it is great to see love prevail in the MCU. Nomatter how it is spun, Hemsworth and Portman, Thor and Jane, are back together again

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