Loki: Miss Minutes Star Tara Strong on Marvel Secrecy, Season 2 & More (FanExpo Canada 2021)

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Tara Strong is one of the most prolific and well-known voice actors in the industry and is no stranger to superheroes. When it comes to the big two of DC and Marvel Strong has historically been much more closely associated with the former, voicing iconic characters like Batgirl, Raven, and Harley Quinn across various projects.

Earlier this year, however, she joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the voice of Miss Minutes in Loki, a character who has become a favorite among fans who have watched the Disney+ series.

Tara Strong Speaks on the Secrets Behind Miss Minutes at Marvel

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During a recent panel at Fan Expo Canada: Limited Edition attended by The Direct, Miss Minutes voice actor Tara Strong discussed her experience with the notorious secrecy of Marvel Studios, saying that she did not have full details of the project and her role until she "was on the Zoom with Kate Herron and the rest of the MCU team:"

"I actually didn't know what I was auditioning for when I first read for Loki, and it's really important for [Marvel Studios] to keep everything top-secret, and I didn't get a lot of information in the audition. So I recorded one a little more like Siri, and then one a little bit less like that, and the one with the accent. And I didn't even know exactly what it was until I was on the Zoom with Kate Herron and the rest of the MCU team."

Strong also spoke on her experience recording for the character, discussing how she "actually got to act off [...] all the other actors that were already done" once shooting was over.

"I was lucky because [it had] already been done, so I actually got to act off [Tom] Hiddleston and all the other actors that were already done. Like, for them they didn't know what I was gonna sound like so [they were] working with like a prop, but I got to see everything they did."

Strong also expressed her enjoyment of the way the series was able to "bring imagination to life" the way it did, as well as how the fan response to Miss Minutes has made the role a "gift that keeps on giving".

"So that was really cool, and on top of that I didn't know was gonna be that big, and I honestly think it's my favorite Marvel TV series ever. I love when they have enough support to bring imagination to life like that, and it was so beautiful, like the juxtaposition of the old and the new technologies. And then I had no idea that people would fall in love with Miss Minutes, and it was so amazing, and I'm so grateful to all of [the fans] for loving her, because you never know. Like, here's this animated character, we don't know her backstory, she's jumping into a very beloved universe, and people were like 'oh my God, we love her!' right away. So I'm so happy and it's like this gift that keeps on giving that I didn't know I ordered."

Strong was later asked if she'd be returning as Miss Minutes for the upcoming second season of Loki, but responded "I actually can't tell you," before jumping into her Miss Minutes voice and jokingly adding "'Cause then I'd have to prune you! So sorry."

Will Miss Minutes Return to the MCU?

While Strong was unable to reveal her character's status in the MCU or if she would have a future in the franchise after the finale of Loki's first season, it's clear the show's creative team enjoyed having a character like her to play around with, especially with reports that they deliberately worked to keep her in the story beyond her expository scenes early in the season.

The manner in which they did, however, may make it tricky for Miss Minutes to remain in the MCU. She was working under He Who Remains, who was killed in the finale, so it's unclear if that means she would "die" as well or operate separately from his commands moving forward. There's also the possibility she may have her own Variant in the alternate TVA seen at the end of Loki's final episode who viewers will get to meet in Season 2.

Even if Miss Minutes is not part of the MCU's future, it's very possible Tara Strong might be. It's not uncommon for voice actors to hold multiple roles in a single franchise (this is the case with Strong herself in several projects), and she seemed to enjoy working at Marvel Studios enough that she would likely agree to return, even if her role were to be a different one than Miss Minutes.

Loki is available to stream on Disney+.

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