Loki Director Reveals Deleted Miss Minutes Intro Scene Idea

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Apart from Tom Hiddleston's return as the titular God of Mischief, Loki's lineup has consisted of characters making their MCU debuts. Many of the new faces have quickly become fan favorites, but one of a different variety has already become dearly beloved.

Sentient clock Miss Minutes hasn't had much screentime, but her scenes have been particularly intriguing for those invested in the world-building of not only the Time Variance Authority, but the future of the MCU in general (like that warning of a "Multiversal War" in the first episode).

Most of all, though, her cute and quirky presence has become appreciated by casual and hardcore Marvel fans alike, and many have become curious about her true nature.


Loki Miss Minutes Intro

Loki director Kate Herron recently spoke with ET about Miss Minutes and how the show's creative team decided to save the reveal that she could interact with those at the TVA for the second episode, describing it as "too crazy" for the premiere.

"She's incredible! What I love about it is that she's in our first episode and she actually used to come out of the presentation that Loki watches -- she came out on the screen -- but it was too crazy. We were like, 'OK, we can't do that in the first episode. We'll do it in the second episode!'"

Herron went on to describe how Miss Minutes is an indication that "the show is going to probably get quite weird" considering she is part of the TVA's status quo.

"But what I love about her is that we're seeing the TVA through Loki's eyes and it's, like, the status quo, right? And if our status quo is a Southern-talking, Roger Rabbit-style clock, the show is going to probably get quite weird. I think that's what I love about her. And obviously, Tara [Strong] is awesome. Yeah, Miss Minutes is a lot of fun."


Herron making a point of the idea that the way the audience sees Miss Minutes is the same way Loki does allows for her different abilities to be shown in stages rather than all at once. In "Glorious Purpose" she appeared to simply be an animated character created for cartoons explaining how the TVA works, but in "The Variant" she is shown to be able to interact with others at the TVA in real-time, and jump on and off TV and computer screens at the organization.

More importantly, Herron's mention of this viewpoint indicates that there is probably more to her character that hasn't been shown yet. Since she is at least part recording (as confirmed by the character herself in "The Variant") someone at the TVA must have control over her to an extent. Seeing how the organization's shady practices are starting to come to light, Miss Minutes could be more sinister than meets the eye.

With confirmation that Miss Minutes will appear again before Loki is over and that she will have a story arc of her own, there's surely a lot more to discover about the adorable TVA mascot. But only time will tell whether her adorableness will prove to be as pure as it currently appears or a mask for something darker.

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