Ms. Marvel Dad Actor Mohan Kapur Accused of Disturbing Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Ms. Marvel Dad Actor Mohan Kapur

A Ms. Marvel star has faced accusations for allegedly sexually harassing a 15-year-old girl and exposing himself through nude images.

Ms. Marvel Actor Faces Sexual Harassment Controversy

Ms. Marvel Dad

Actor Mohan Kapur - who made his MCU debut as Yusuf Khan in Ms. Marvel - has recently become embroiled in a #MeToo controversy as he has been accused of sexually harassing and sharing explicit images with a 15-year-old girl.

The alleged survivor, @Nayaaaax3, claimed that, when confronted regarding his actions, Kapur attempted to gaslight her into believing she was at fault for the situation. 

The Twitter user described her experience through a series of posts, explaining the entire story of how "Mohan Kapur took advantage of [her]" after they met through his partner at the time and developed a parent-like relationship:

"TW: When I was 14 years old, I was a fan of this serial actress & we became friends. Her partner at that time Mohan Kapur also became friends with me. I respected the both of them almost like 2nd parents, & told them about my stressful life. But Mohan Kapur took advantage of me."

She added that the actor "sent his d**k pics to [her]" and continued to harass her afterward, despite having apologized. He even allegedly shared an interest in eventually marrying and having sex with the underage girl once she was older:

"We constantly talked until I notice he started flirting with me. Then when I was 15 years old Mohan Kapur sent his d**k pics to me. He was apologizing nonstop & was depressed…. I forgave him. But after that he continued to harass me….

Said things like how he was in love with me, wanted to marry me, wanting me to grow up to be with him, and can’t wait for me to get older so I can sleep with him. Now I know that Mohan Kapur was grooming me."

The purported victim added that his partner at the time "knew the type of man he was" and explained her reaction to discovering the situation: 

"His partner (now ex) knew the type of man he was…. She was aware that he was talking to me. When I met her in person, I told her everything that was happening. A year later I stopped talking to her after she started gaslighting me. I was so depressed about this situation….

She told me how “I threw my baggage on her”…. I really truly felt that this woman didn’t care at all for what Mohan Kapur was doing to me…"

She went on to note how this made her "confused and depressed," even leading to her "planning to take [her] own life" while he ignored her calls:

"I was so confused & depressed…. I’m not sure if it’s Stockholm syndrome "or what but I kept on thinking that all of this was my fault… and kept on wanting to be his friend again. I kept on thinking that he really truly cared about me… but he didn’t.

My depression got worst & I was planning to take my own life…. I kept on calling Mohan Kapur… he ignore my calls… and at times told me to get over it. Then completely twist the whole story to make me look like the bad person… he kept on saying that he can’t trust me…"

The user went on to reveal how she eventually gave in and sent nude photos to him in the hopes of restoring their friendship:

"The last time I talked to Mohan Kapur was 2020 and I was crying… I said I really can’t take any of this anymore…. Hoping that he would apologize & understand the trauma he had cause. Instead he told me that he can’t trust me and the only way he can trust me again is if….

I hop on video chat and send nudes to him in order to be friends with him again. #metoo @IndiaMeToo #MeToo"

@Nayaaaax3 pointed out how he accused her of "misconstruing chat" and claimed he was asking for nudes images to strangely prove his innocence:

"@mohankapur When I stand up for myself… you gaslight me and blame me for “misconstruing chat” and your reason for asking for my nudes was that you can prove your innocence???!! Does that even make any sense MOHAN??"

She also shared a conversation between the two which revealed Kapur's response to being asked why he asked her to send him explicit nude images:

@Nayaaaax3: "Why did you ask me to send you nudes"

Kapur: "To keep as proof your intentions. You have misconstrued our conversations to make it sound that I was sexually harassing you. I have all the stuff myself too. I don’t say things cause that’s not what friends do. And I won’t either" 

Kapur has recently privatized his own Twitter account, seemingly in response to the allegation that has led to the MCU actor being blasted across social media.

How Will Mohan Kapur's Controversy Impact His MCU Future

Mohan Kapur has already been confirmed to return as Kamala Khan's father in The Marvels along with the rest of the Khan family. However, his MCU future beyond that point remains unclear as Ms. Marvel has not yet been renewed for Season 2, although the latest update bodes well on that front.

The latest allegations surrounding the actor's past sexual harassment and grooming are obviously disturbing but are unlikely to impact his MCU future. Unless legal action is taken against Kapur or further allegations emerge to the point Disney's public image is threatened, the studio may opt not to act. 

That action could take the form of excluding the character from future Ms. Marvel-related projects, killing off Yusuf Khan altogether, or recasting the actor. Marvel Studios has replaced actors several times in the past, although never for this reason, so finding another actor to continue Yusuf's story is not off the table.

Ms. Marvel is streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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