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Marvel Producer Teases Excitement for Multiverse Movies Coming Soon

Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marvel Studios
By Pierre Chanliau

Fans initially suspected that WandaVision would be the true beginning of the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but to the surprise of many, it was Loki instead.

So, WandaVision may not have directly involved the multiverse, but it did bring up the idea in the minds of audiences such as Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner or Doctor Strange's original role in the show.

Recently, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said in an interview that he had "a meeting [that] morning with the whole broad Marvel Studios team" about the multiverse moving forward and how it would work. The multiverse is becoming increasingly important in the MCU, especially with the conclusion of Loki and Spider-Man: No Way Home still on the horizon.

So, it isn't a surprise that the team on What If...? collaborated with executive producers from other shows closely connected to the multiverse.


Marvel Multiverse

In an interview with Comic Book, newly-promoted head of streaming, television, and animation at Marvel Studios Brad Winderbaum explained that when it came to planning "how [the multiverse] functions," the team for What If...? worked with other executives from Loki and WandaVision:

"We met with the Loki team and Stephen Broussard and Kevin Wright and I would have many conversations about the Multiverse and how it functions and branch timelines, nexus events."

Winderbaum also mentioned that they had established "the rule book for all the stories" being told in the multiverse moving forward. Additionally, "it's thrilling" to be in the middle of it all:

"Same with Mary Livanos on WandaVision. And I think we not just establish how these things would be connected, but also the rule book for all the stories that we tell in the Multiverse moving forward. I mean, it's thrilling, we're in the middle of it. I'll tell you that. We are in the middle of it now."


It's interesting to see familiar names like Kevin Wright from Loki and Mary Livanos from WandaVision popping up again after Feige mentioned them in his discussion about the multiverse and how information at Marvel Studios is shared around. They act essentially as the go-betweens for several projects and communicate information between executive producers as they did here for What If...?.

It's even been established by Loki head writer Michael Waldron that "producing teams are constantly communicating with those producing teams to make sure that you’re not screwing each other up." Obviously, this will become a continuing trend at Marvel Studios, especially when it involves something as complex as the multiverse.

What If...? is currently streaming and will release episodes each Wednesday on Disney+.