Will Harry Styles Return in MCU’s Phase 5? Marvel Boss Teases Future

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After Eternals was released, it became one of the most polarizing movies of the entire MCU. Some fans adored the near-three hour origin story of the superhero team, while others felt that there were some major issues. One aspect of the film that at least grabbed everyone's attention, however, was the post-credits scene when Harry Styles appeared on-screen as Eros, also known as Starfox. The global superstar even came out and talked about how "grateful" he was to be able to appear in Eternals, so many fans have wondered where he will appear next.

Styles is one of the biggest celebrity names of this generation, but due to most of his fame coming from the music industry, many were shocked to see that he had entered an entertainment franchise as big as the MCU. Eros, who is actually the brother of Thanos, has been expected to return since he showed up in Eternals and offered to help save the team members that were taken by Arishem.

However, since the movie came out, there have been no further developments on Styles or the sequel for the film. Many expected there to be some sort of official announcement at San Diego Comic-Con, but the focus was mainly put on the bigger MCU projects during Marvel Studios' Hall H panel. However, in a post-panel interview, Kevin Feige was able to shed a bit of light on Styles and whether or not fans can expect to see him sometime soon.

Kevin Feige Teases the Return of Harry Styles

Harry Styles, Marvel Studios

Following Marvel Studios' panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige about what the future could potentially hold for Harry Styles in the MCU. Feige teased that Styles will have a role to play at some point in the franchise's next few years, and even used the word "exciting:"

"Yes, the adventures of Eros and Pip is something that’s very exciting for us."

Styles made his MCU debut in the post-credits scene of Eternals as Eros, the brother of Thanos, alongside a character known as Pip the Troll.

Where Will Harry Styles Show Up Next?

The most likely project that Styles will appear in next is Eternals 2. Even though there is no official release date for that movie, and there hasn't even been an announcement that it is happening, the ending of the first movie features text that reads "ETERNALS will return."

There have been rumors of a solo project for Styles' character, but nothing has come of it up to this point. If he has a lot of screentime in his next appearance, and there is a reason to continue his story that isn't connected to the other Eternals, then Marvel Studios could possibly make a Disney+ show dedicated to his adventures with Pip and the cosmic side of the MCU.

Wherever Styles ends up next is still up in the air, but Kevin Feige definitely seems to have plans for him in the future. Be it a theatrical film or a Disney+ show, fans of Styles' work can rest assured knowing that the studio is looking forward to Eros' next adventure.

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