Ms. Marvel Season 2: Writer Teases X-Men & Wolverine Future Possibilities (Exclusive)

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Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel ended a couple of weeks ago, and the Disney+ series seemed to hit the spot for most audiences out there. Kamala Khan has quickly become a fan favorite, with much of the praise coming thanks to lead star Iman Vellani's magnetic performance.

As exciting as the character and her journey were, it was one massive reveal at the very end of the show that garnered the most attention. In the closing seconds of the finale, Bruno mentions how Kamala has a mutation in her genes, theoretically making her the very first mutant to be known to fans in the MCU.

But what does that mean for her future in a potential second season or otherwise? Should fans expect to see Kamala potentially become a full-time member of the MCU’s X-Men? Interact with the likes of Wolverine or Storm? 

Thankfully, The Direct was able to sit down with writer Fatimah Asgar, where she teased all the potential possibilities in the future for the character.

Ms. Marvel's X-Men Possibilities

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ MilheimMs. Marvel writer Fatimah Asghar, who was credited for the show's fifth episode, "Time and Again," discussed the exciting possibilities that the show’s big mutant twist could provide for Kamala Khan in a potential Season 2.

The writer noted how she “love[s] the X-Men” and that “thinking about Kamala alongside different X-Men… would be really funny:”

“I love the X Men. I think to me, the X-Men was my kind of initial point into comics, and into the MCU, like I just loved reading… [having] a school of mutants was just so amazing and so great to think about. And I love a lot of different X-Men. And I think about like, just thinking about Kamala alongside different X-Men, and it would be really funny.”

More specifically, Asghar would really love to see Ms. Marvel team up with “the character of Wolverine,” and that his “jaded and annoyed” facade would be a great foil to Kamala’s fangirl energy:

“Like, I think about the character of Wolverine and having Kamala, like, riff off of Wolverine… that exists in the comics... I think that there's that moment where like, Wolverine comes and helps her, I've always loved that. And I think that if we ever got to see that, you know, I know that that's complicated… but if we ever got to see that, I think that would be so cool, because it's just fun to see her, you know, be a fan to people who are kind of jaded and annoyed. And to kind of just to have that banter. And so I think that putting her with someone like Wolverine, you know, it's such a great kind of moment of synastry.”

When Will Kamala Meet Wolverine?

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Marvel Studios recently announced a good majority of the projects fans will see over the next three years; sadly, no mutants were among them. With Kamala being revealed to be one of their kind, many thought such a twist would indicate the X-Men’s arrival sooner rather than later.

Now it doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon. In fact, there’s a good chance it might not happen until after the Multiverse Saga.

No matter when it does finally occur, it’ll be hard to deny how awesome it will be to see Kamala interact with iconic characters such as Wolverine or Kitty Pryde. The protector of New Jersey could also potentially serve as a good gateway into the X-Men and their dynamics—though, an approach like that could be divisive amongst fans.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios will surprise fans, and some of these exciting interactions are just around the corner.

Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+.

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