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MCU fans were eating well this past weekend during Comic-Con San Diego 2022. Marvel Studios announced almost all the projects that make up Phase 5, including the previously revealed Thunderbolts movie. The biggest surprises, however, were what they announced in 2025: two Avengers films within six months of each other.

The first was The Kang Dynasty, and the second was the highly anticipated (and often rumored) Secret Wars adaptation. These two projects are undoubtedly going to be massive, but who will make up the cast?

Someone like Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel is almost a certainty when it comes to playing some sort of role in the big Multiverse Saga culmination. But what will she have to bring to the table?

After all, her origin Disney+ series depicted her more on the street-level side of the MCU and not quite part of Kang’s Multiverse arena. So what will the newly-minted hero from New Jersey be able to bring to the fight against Kang in the next two Avengers films? Well, The Direct asked that very question to one of Ms. Marvel’s writers.

Ms. Marvel's Role to Play in Avengers

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Ms. Marvel writer Fatimah Asghar commented on how she thinks Kamala Khan could factor into the newly announced Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.

Addressing how a small-scale hero like Kamala could play into a project with as much scope as an Avengers film, Asghar noted that “there’s so much we have not seen” when it comes to Kamala Khan and what she’s capable of. 

The MCU writer also noted that the character still has a lot of room to develop in future appearances, saying “[she has a lot that] she’s going to continue to grow into… [and] add to the MCU:”

“I think that Kamala is a smaller scale person, and there's so much we have not seen. And so I think that, really, as we watch Kamala, I'm so excited to see her evolution and what she's capable of in terms of factoring into these bigger worlds, into these kind of really huge pieces that are coming up. And I actually think that Kamala is an incredible superhero and [she has a lot that] she's going to continue to grow into and add to the MCU.”

Responding to how a hero with weaker powers like Kamala could go toe-to-toe with such a fearsome foe in Kang, Asghar offered an alternate role for Kamala akin to Peter Parker's Avengers importance and discussed how he was “much of the heart of [Avengers: Infinity War]:”

“Thinking about Infinity War, when you're seeing all of these people who maybe don't have that kind of overpowered power set, I think about even seeing Spider-Man. I felt like Peter Parker had so much of the emotional heart of [Infinity War]. And I think that is in part because what you're getting is a group of people—you're getting these villains, like Thanos, that require everyone, including the small folks to come through and be like, we can do this. And in those moments they are also being tested, and, pushed, and, pushed and, pushed to become bigger, right? 

The writer pointed out how far Kamala Khan came across those six episodes of her solo show, and that “[no one should] underestimate Kamala Khan,” and that Kang’s threat will no doubt “see the test of her character:” 

"I think we see that even with Kamala, where she's at from the start of Episode 1 to where she's at by the end of Episode 6, that's a completely different character… [Those changes] can happen in the span of a fight or in the span of a single decision a character makes. And so I would say, do not underestimate Kamala Khan. When we see her in these moments, we're going to see the test of her character, we're going to see who she is, and we're going to see who she becomes. And I think there's so much that we're going to see that comes from her.”

Kamala Khan Takes on the Multiverse

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It makes perfect sense for Kamala Khan to be the heart of those big ensemble movies. She is an insanely relatable character, and her energy is contagious—so there’s really no better role to be in.

But if she fills in Spidey’s heart of the narrative, what will good ol’ Peter Parker do? There’s no way Marvel will have Holland sit out those two massive Avengers films, so audiences will likely get plenty of interaction between two of the biggest hearts in the MCU.

As for Ms. Marvel being known on a street level, it’s sometimes hard to forget how that is likely going to change since she’ll be on a cosmic adventure with Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau in The Marvels next summer. Kamala could very easily rise in the ranks when it comes to their power levels.

Kang is a force of nature, however, so it will be extremely interesting to see how Ms. Marvel will end up factoring into that conflict. Hopefully, Vellani’s future MCU stories live up to all the potential that Kamala Khan can offer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ms. Marvel is available to stream on Disney+, while Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will hit theaters on May 2, 2025, and Avengers: Secret Wars will land on November 7, 2025.

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