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Almost no actor in the MCU is a bigger fan of Marvel's own content than Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani, as she's proven the entire time she's been in the public eye. While her main job is playing Kamala Khan, most immediately for her own solo series and in next year's The Marvels, she's never afraid to show her MCU trivia skills or engage in theories with fans.

After watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Vellani passionately shared her disappointment over Black Bolt's death, hilariously calling out director Sam Raimi for doing him "dirty." She's also been open about the fact that she's a diehard fan of Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, even going as far as making her own fan film that featured action figures of Iron Man and Ms. Marvel interacting with each other.

Although Vellani isn't a public figure on social media, she's not one to shy away from discussion about the show, even if it's centered on tough conversations like the unwarranted criticism Ms. Marvel received during its run. However, as revealed by her latest interview, she's more than willing to jump into some of the fun chatter about the MCU too, even if it sometimes gets a little heated.

Iman Vellani Has Reddit Burner Account

Ms Marvel Iman Vellani

In an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani revealed that she uses burner social media accounts to argue and chat with MCU fans about the franchise.

While she doesn't have a public social media account, she admitted that she goes on Reddit under fake names to argue about fan theories and what's ahead for the franchise:

“I’m not present on social media publicly, but I do have a lot of private accounts, especially on Reddit. Just, like, arguing with people about theories, I’m like ‘You don’t even know what’s coming, man! You’re so wrong!’ It’s so liberating.”

Vellani also looked back to the moment when she first found out she got the role, admitting that she already had this big plan to go to college and live with her friends, although that didn't end up happening. She even had to keep her audition for the show a secret from her friends at the start of the endeavor:

"Yeah, with my friends, I was planning on rooming together at university. Little did they know that was not gonna happen, because I got the part in front of them, and they were like, ‘What?’"

The actress reminisced on her last day of high school when Marvel producer/casting director Sarah Finn asked her for a video call as Vellani's friends watched what happened. Trying not to freak out, Vellani had to come to terms with getting the role, hinting to her friends that she had "basically...(won) the lottery:"

"It was the last day of high school, and we were out doing stuff, and I get this text from Sarah Finn, and she’s like ‘Hey, can you get on this call?’ And I was like ‘Oh, no!’ And they were like ‘Oh, we sent you the link, get on right now.’ And I was like ‘Ok.’ And I’m in my friend’s driveway and they’re watching me from the car, and I’m trying to not have a reaction because Kevin Feige’s on my phone. My brain was spinning, and then I get back in the car, and they’re like ‘So what happened? Did you win the lottery or something?’ I was like ‘Basically!’”

To celebrate, Vellani and her friends went for burritos, which she and Meyers laughed about as the interview ended: 

Meyers: “And, how did you celebrate?”

Vellani: “Burritos.”

Meyers: “Well, I think that there’s no achievement that that’s the proper celebration for.”

Vellani: “I’d say so.”

Ms. Marvel Star Passionate About MCU Debate

Through interviews like this one, Iman Vellani continues to prove that she's just as big of a fan of the MCU as anybody, still engaging in fan discussions while playing one of the franchise's biggest new characters.

She's received incredible reviews from fans and her coworkers alike for her performance on-screen, with even some of the character's own creators raving about how she fully embodies who Kamala Khan truly is. And she not only brings that energy to the story itself, but it's clear that she's earned her place in the franchise due to her undying passion for the material.

Fans will likely never find out what accounts Vellani is using, meaning it will always be a mystery if a Reddit user engages in some kind of online tussle about the MCU with the franchise's own Ms. Marvel. With Vellani still being quite young, it's unknown if she will become more public in her fan discussions, but knowing that she keeps this fervor with fans while working for Marvel Studios can only mean she has a bright future.

All six episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming on Disney+. Iman Vellani will return as Kamala Khan in The Marvels, which releases in theaters on July 28, 2023.

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