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Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye and More Disney+ Shows Receive Official Release Timeline

Disney+ shows release dates of MCU shows
By Aeron Mer Eclarinal

The massive shift of release dates of all the upcoming film releases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe sent the fans into a frenzy. Black Widow is now set to launch Phase 4 this November, replacing the original owner of that release date in The Eternals. After that, all of the upcoming films experienced a domino effect that altered their production timeline. Moreover, the release date of another anticipated MCU movie in the form of Captain Marvel 2 is now set to premiere on July 8, 2022. While all of this is happening on the film side of the MCU, fans were curious to know if this particular shift would affect the upcoming MCU shows under the Disney+ banner. Now, a new press release seemingly confirms the release timeline of these MCU shows.


press release from Disney+ France, which has been shared by MCU Cosmic, shows the release dates of the upcoming MCU shows. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision are still listed for this year. Loki and What If...? are listed under 2021. Meanwhile, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight are listed for 2022.  


It is entirely possible that the release dates mentioned can still change given the current shift in the Phase 4 film slate of the MCU that was announced last Friday. Marvel Studios typically makes an official announcement if there is a change in the release dates of their upcoming projects. This was apparent in their film slate recently and one would believe that they will soon make an announcement for their Disney+ slate as well. This official unveiling of the release dates could have been set to occur in the now-canceled Disney+ Launch event that was supposed to take place in London last month. It's currently unknown if Disney will reschedule this event or if they will make any statement regarding the releases of these projects. Unless Marvel Studios makes an official statement about the release dates of their Disney+ slate, the release years that were provided in this Disney+ France press release could end up as accurate.