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Robert Pattinson's The Batman Reportedly Eyeing Chicago On-Location Shoot

The Batman logo with cityscape in the background
By Pierre Chanliau

Fans all over the world are still reeling from The Batman trailer released at DC FanDome, which has become one of the most watched movie trailers on Twitter and Reddit. What's even crazier is that the footage fans saw was only around 25% of what was shot before production was forced to shut down.

In fact, it was reported months ago that most, if not all, of the planned on-location shoots for The Batman were canceled, and that production would shoot in-studio with built sets instead.

During the DC FanDome panel for The Batman, fans learned a lot from Matt Reeves, such as how the comics primarily inspired the story and tone and how Gotham city would be unique and unrecognizable to anything fans have seen before. The latter could explain shoots planned to take place in the city of Chicago.


Screen Magazine reported that The Batman plans on shooting in Chicago this late October, but stipulates that this shoot is "relatively succinct" and will last, at most, two weeks. Additionally, there would be a month of pre-production and preparations before this shoot would happen.

Their sources also inform them that production plans to shoot mostly exterior shots downtown, and are still unsure whether Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, or other actors will be joining this shoot.


Obviously, this doesn't discount the earlier report of Warner Bros. planning to move most of shooting in-studio, since Screen Magazine was told that these would be for exterior shoots of the city. These would likely be used to help establish the city of Gotham. Matt Reeve's claimed that the fictional city would be inspired by multiple real-world locations, such as Liverpool, while enhancing the architecture using CGI. 

It will be interesting to see Matt Reeve's interpretation of The Dark Knight's stomping grounds, especially if, like Batman, the city will change along with him. Reeves' said at DC FanDome that this Batman hasn't inspired hope in the city and its citizens yet, only fear. So, it'd be amazing to see if the visuals of the city itself changes over the course of this trilogy and act as a character all on its own.