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Ms. Marvel Disney+: Release Date Potentially Delayed

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan
By Russ Milheim

Fans have had the privilege of bearing witness to three complete Marvel Studios Disney+ shows up until this point.

First, it was Wanda's faux town of Westview in WandaVision, then the legacy of Steve's shield in The Falcon and the Winter Soldierand most recently, Loki's exploration of self-identity and time itself.

Next up? Fans get to witness stories of alternate worlds where major MCU events went in entirely different directions, courtesy of Marvel's What If...?. But what comes after that? Well, fans still have the movie side of things to look forward to, in which Shang-Chi is right around the corner. Then, of course, the year will end with the big guns in the form of Eternals and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Originally, fans had two more Disney+ shows to look forward to after What If...?. There was Ms. Marvel's debut in her own solo show and then Hawkeye, an adventure that would introduce both Kate Bishop and Echo to the world.

But the recent announcement of Hawkeye's release date seems to have changed things, and not for the better when it comes to Ms. Marvel.


Ms Marvel Hawkeye Disney Plus

In an article promoting Marvel's Disney+ show Hawkeye, Entertainment Weekly stated that the Jeremy Renner-led series will be the "next live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe show due on Disney+." As it was previously indicated that Ms. Marvel would release prior to the Hawkeye series, it now appears that Ms. Marvel may have been delayed, possibly to 2022.

The Direct reached out to EW writer Christian Holub via Twitter regarding Hawkeye coming up "next" before Ms. Marvel. Holub stated that Hawkeye is "almost certainly coming out first" before Ms. Marvel based on the promotional timeline:

"[Marvel] haven’t confirmed the release date on [Ms. Marvel] but the fact we’re getting Hawkeye first look first means it’s almost certainly coming out first [before Ms. Marvel]."

Holub later affirmed that Hawkeye "is the next" MCU Disney+ series and that "Ms. Marvel is not coming out before it."

A 2022 release date would seemingly contradict recent comments from Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso, who indicated that Ms. Marvel was one of the "few other shows" debuting on Disney+ in 2021.


It's a sad day for all of Kamala's fans out there hoping to see her live-action debut sooner rather than later. There is always the chance that there was something lost along the way, and Marvel Studios still plans for Ms. Marvel to see the light of day by year's end. After all, the studio does have an extremely large Disney+ slate, so it's hard to imagine a delay like this not affecting things down the line.

It is understandable Hawkeye would be released first, as it's probably a safe assumption that Ms. Marvel would need a lot more time in post-production simply due to the subject.

Then again, not much is really known about Hawkeye—though fans might be excited to learn about a rumored familiar face showing up in Clint and Kate's adventure.

The plot of Ms. Marvel remains largely unknown as well except for the fact that her live-action costume looks arguably terrific, and a portion of the show may take place in Thailand or somewhere abroad.

Hopefully, Ms. Marvel's debut will be worth the wait and serve as a strong launch board for the titular character's next appearance in The Marvels.