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Marvel Studios' What If...? Disney+ Show Adds Lovecraft Country Composer Laura Karpman

Zombie Captain America, Lovecraft Country poster
By Richard Nebens

In the midst of over a dozen new projects arriving within the Marvel Cinematic Universe in theaters and on Disney+, Marvel Studios will also be taking its first dip into the world of animation with 2021's What If...? . The show is expected to tell stories in slightly-altered realities within the MCU when it arrives on Disney's streaming service, and fans are already excited to see the possibilities of many different ways the MCU's biggest stories and moments could have possibly unfolded.

What If...? is planning to bring back nearly every major actor that has appeared in the MCU to date to reprise their live-action roles in voice format, and due to the amount of work needed to make the animation happen , the series is seemingly already fairly deep into production. Some of the major roles behind the scenes have been filled as well with Hollywood's top visionaries, including a new one that was confirmed very recently...


Via a new profile posting on Variety , Emmy award-winning composer Laura Karpman has been confirmed to write the musical score for the upcoming animated MCU Disney+ series What If...? . There has been no official confirmation as of yet from Marvel Studios or Karpman's representatives.


Laura Karpman has an impressive musical resumé spanning over 30 years in the TV business, including four Primetime Emmy nominations and a 2020 win for her work on the documentary Why We Hate . Other notable credits include episodes of Lovecraft Country and L.A.'s Finest , although her addition in What If...? will most likely be the most notable composing credit of her career to date.

Since this series is set to take a look back at other versions of the MCU's biggest moments, it will be interesting to find out exactly how the studio may incorporate some of the franchise's past memorable music with Karpman's original work. Even though the MCU doesn't have the most noted track record with iconic orchestral soundtracks, the scores from composers like Alan Silvestri and Michael Giacchino from past films are still ingrained in the minds of fans. It should be an exciting new challenge for Karpman to attempt to blend together some of the MCU's classic scores for this animated endeavor.

What If...? is currently in production and scheduled to release on Disney+ in the summer of 2021.