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Robert Pattinson's The Batman Reveals New Promo Image of Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman

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By Tom Drew

Following The Suicide Squad's critical success among critics and audiences alike, DC fans are now looking to the next tentpole superhero release from Warner Bros.: Robert Pattinson's The Batman.

Following The Dark Knight's solo career on screen taking a brief hiatus, Bruce Wayne is getting a brand-new standalone film from the mind of director Matt Reeves separate from the rest of the DCEU. Even though the film hasn't hit theaters yet, several projects set in The Batman's universe are already in development including a Gotham PD-centric series and a spinoff based on Colin Farell's Penguin

While these projects will inevitably be released far off in the future, fans can expect to see new footage for The Batman extremely soon. CinemaCon 2021 attendees got a sneak peek at Pattinson's Caped Crusader's upcoming adventure, which included new looks at Andy Serkis' Alfred and The Batman's version of Gotham City. DC FanDome also confirmed that a brand-new trailer will debut during one of its panels.

Now, the much-anticipated event teased a new look at one of the film's characters to drum up more hype.

DC FanDome Reveals New Catwoman Image

Batman Zoe Kravtiz

DC FanDome revealed a brand-new promotional image for the Robert Pattinson-starring The Batman, depicting Zoë Kravitz in her Catwoman costume.

Fans previously caught a glimpse at Kravitz' new take on Selina Kyle in the film's first trailer, but this photo provides a closer look at this Catwoman's balaclava mask and leather jacket.

The full image can be seen below:

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman from The Batman
DC FanDome


Zoë Kravitz' New Take on Catwoman

Though little has been shown off from The Batman's universe, the world it exists in seems to be a more grounded take on the DC Universe in comparison to the DCEU's other recent offerings.

Robert Pattinson's Batman has a more tactical armored suit and Paul Dano's Riddler has opted for a sinister mask made from duct tape. Zoë Kravitz' Catwoman falls heavily in line with this, being much more of a makeshift look that contrasts her more elaborate comic book costumes. 

As The Batman is taking a more Year One approach to its universe, it seems as though many of the film's characters are still scrambling to find their footing in this version of Gotham City; they simply don't have the time to iron out their perfect comic-accurate costume just yet.

Perhaps this means that Kravitz' is still working her way through Gotham's criminal underbelly and will gain a suit more inspired by the comics later on in the film or further on in the franchise's future.

Fans should be able to see even more of Catwoman when the new The Batman trailer releases exclusively at DC FanDome on October 16, 2021.

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